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Michele Semen’s article was written as a useful means to give perspective to prospective and current teacher’s information with regards to developing their own Pipes. The article is compromised primarily of past experiences from preservers teachers who wrote Pipes in their own undergraduate course and the challenges that they faced from their own inexperience’s. The student’s personal experiences enhance the readers understanding of the challenges in writing Pipes and techniques to simplify the process.

Article Summary College student’s experiences of writing individual experience programs are examined in this article by highlighting personal experiences of the students in an individual and group setting. Nineteen college level students that are in their junior year have been indoctrinated in a two year college teacher education program that was designed to not only show them previously designed Pipes but also instruct the in the art of designing their own program.

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The educational program lasted over a period of two years and consisted of non graded activities, in class participation, personal reflections, and students writing their own personal Pipes. The two year course consisted of multiple PEP in class discussions and assignments that were intentionally unguarded. In the discussions, the dents discussed how to write various goals and objectives in developing personal Pipes. Multiple examples and case studies were utilized in developing their personal Pipes.

The course also consisted of open ended questionnaires and evaluations in order to produce common trends and thoughts that students had in developing their programs. One major trend identified was that students recognized the importance of focusing on individualizing with respect to student’s educational strengths and knowledge. Students recognized that for an PEP to function correctly, it must not be created in mineral terms but must be created to focus on the individual student.

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