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Target dates for review and completion. How have I chosen these dates? Efficient team 22ND June 2012 -will be management with a target date to review on improved communication my communication skills skills. As I would have ended The aptitude to feel self- my two terms by then assured on message sent and will be confident in out and also, receiving a communicating in form page | 3 (Refer appendix 1 and Ask for feedback from 3) tutors and peers to attain level of proficiency on the assignments for written kills and on presentations for oral skills. Refer learning journal IX) Ones, Marcella) will help me to update my knowledge. So, as to be a part of discussions in group activities and presentations Other than from the books and links informed by tutor I believe I should widen my knowledge by reading reference books like Reduce Stress with Increased Assertiveness’s By Elizabeth Scott, M. S. Message without any barriers. Of assignments and presentations. It will be the time close to my internship which will necessitate me to highly have this skill. Personal management skills Planning and

Organizing the activities and most crucial managing time along with it. Solidification at all times is vital to achieve end goals (Refer appendix ) The constant feedback from peers and tutors will help in excelling on outcomes which will reflect upon my planning and organizing skills. (refer learning journal Ill) Keeping the time frame as crucial aspect a constant awareness in managing time will be important to accomplish assignments in Completing a task in time and without rushing them for last minute of submission deadlines.

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This can be motivating to attain the personal managing skills and their implication in further goal at study and at work in future. 2ND Appraisal-Which is end on first term. By then could reflect back on to the shortcomings in first term which may include delay in submissions or working till last minute. I would than use these as motivational circumstances for terms ahead and prioritize my time more efficiently. In one of the knowledge cast We Were taught on important/urgent grid, than applied this model in relevance of the tasks had to do with their priorities.

This grid can be implemented in studies and at work as it helps to accomplish the goals set in time (Refer Page | 4 appendix 5) a comfortable time span. Presentations are time sensitive as well which needs peers to time us during the rehearsals can help managing. Reading books like “Getting Things Done by David Allen” on personal management other than allocated text books can be initiative on enhancing these skills.

Cognitive Skills The articles and case Studying in depth the Critical Thinking and studies provided during theories and models, then Analyzing of all the the course of seminars writing an assignment on readings that are and group activity will same will make us think done. Analyzing and elf to portray on critically when presenting making subject matter in depth. Our ideas. Recommendations as a The specific time bound Also, studying case studies part of critical reading case studies will help us like one done in module , writing (Refer critically taking notes International Business appendix 1) on thinking of it.

Strategy based on During the final answer Licensing of Subway will on case study, it will be make us think critically on important to think the business strategies critically in order to incorporated in an The clear idea while presenting and the accuracy of case study answers shows critical thinking. The discussions in seminars on various theories can be criticized with consistency in them. 1 5th Jejunely-Near to finish line of second semester will mark the decision on depth of my critical thinking with the final task at hand to submit.

Over this period at seminars we will come through to various case studies and theories to analyze which will further enrich the critical in depth thinking to be part of all my readings in Page | 5 Team Working Skills: motivation and management all the colleagues of the group and keep them motivated to attain the final goals. Refer learning journal IV) come to final decision and make suggestions to company. (Refer learning journal VI) organization. Even read articles from recommended readings by tutors and critically analyze them like What Great managers Do? L Concentrate on each group members performance and as a group leader helping them with adequate feedback to attain the high assessment outcomes. Attend the various workshops on management at CUL. Participating in various group tasks at university like “Synergy Business Challenge” where working as team to make profits as business was To comprise appropriate knowledge of ways to attain self motivation I will read books like “You Can Win” by Ship Cheer and also, book my place for seminars on motivation and management at CUL by tutors and external Professionals who share their experience to make it more relevant in understanding.

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