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Solomon Material Assignment 2: Research Proposal Research and Report writing Professor Barry D. McCullough Date: 10/28/2013 – Thesis, Major points, and Plan ENG-215 Due to inadequate and deceptive information, poor quality control on food by FDA and due to environmental exposures, people are suffering to public health problems. Confirming the precision of food labels requires time and care. We as people need to do more to both understand this problem and develop procedures in place that better protect us.

The techniques to improve the quality control of food in the Food and Drug Administration need to be changed. America is a country where food supply locally produced and large quantities imported from abroad. FDA is the responsible government agency which controls all foods quality. According to Tucker Foreman, Carol L (As cited in Who’s At Risk for Fodder, illness American interest, Mayday’ the equivalent of sickening people is 1 in 6 Americans each year, and these illnesses result in an estimated 128,000 hospitalizing and 3,000 deaths due to food borne diseases”.

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Standards ought to be set, but there is lack of adequate standards quality controls for food by FDA. A high number of approved condiments used in American foods raise health and safety fears on the society. These condiments involved in large quantities in many food products, such that they could become hurtful or dangerous due to the unhealthy conditions that result from eating. Secondly national and international distribution increases the problem. A significant portion of the vegetables consumed in the United States shipped from a different state of

American large farms across the country. They transported long hours in an inadequate protection, and then be contaminated. Fresh-bagged lettuce, sprouts, berries and unappreciated juices have all been courses for food- borne illness. Farmers plant foods in soils with already high levels of arsenic chemical substances and then As Range, Ravish (as cited in Transcript: Challenges in setting credible standards for food labeling and safety, summer 2013) “applying arsenic laden pesticides. ” Regardless of the source, arsenic is still unsafe once it gets into food.

That arsenic is highly dangerous”. The government fails to regulate arsenic in foods or even established action levels. As per Consumers report (Novena 2)” Arsenic not only is a potent human carcinogen but also can set up children for other health problems in later life. ” Finally, very confusing marketplace for consumers with food labels has controlled to a marketplace that is confusing and dishonest. Both sugar and salt are examples of ingredients that can be involved in limitless capacities in any food product.

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