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The media has found a new object to criticize, and this time it is fast food. All anyone ever hears these days is eat healthy, it will help you live a longer and more enjoyable life. Well it’s time to set the story straight about the greatness of fast food. Not only is it ten times better for you than these new “healthy foods” but its unique healing and educational powers can lead you to live longer and be smarter than ever. First of all, “healthy food” is not as healthy as its name makes it appear. I mean green? Are you really going to eat something that’s green?

Last time checked that means it’s rotten. And vitamins in healthy food? Live never seen a vitamin in there, I think it’s just one big conspiracy to try and bring the fast food empire down. Companies like McDonald’s which were started by Americans living the great American dream are coming under fire for nothing. For example, a big Mac contains 704 calories and for only a few dollars. It would take 41 cups Of celery to get the same amount of calories, and at a huge difference in price. You can’t get that kind of deal from any healthy foods.

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The other big problem with healthy food is its speed. This is America, and as an American I don’t have time to cook food that is said to be healthy, I need something made quick. It makes no sense to order food and have to wait up to an hour to get it, Theses like adopting a baby but not getting it until its 18 years old. It’s the same exact thing. Domino’s pizza is now guaranteeing you get your pizza delivered to your home in under 30 minutes. You don’t even have to get off your sofa and you still get it faster than some health food restaurant that you would need to drive to.

Fast food cuts way down on the consumption of gas, at an especially important time in the economy. All we hear today in the media from the health food people is that fast food will kill you, and kill millions of people each year. However, there has been a documentary film called “Supervise Me” where a man eats only fast food for month and he survives! If fast food was so poisonous to you how could this be possible? Another big problem is that fast food makes people fat. How is that even possible when athletes like Lebanon James, Dwight Howard, Kobo Bryant, and Michael Jordan all eat McDonald’s? Eave seen absolutely no proof of that any fast food makes you at, even if fast food did make you fat, that’s a good thing. One day our food supply could disappear, and the fat people will be able to survive off of their fat supply until food arrives again.

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