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KIT Technology Solutions Cost Analysis Daniel Sugars your school name here KIT Technology Solutions Cost Analysis There are a large variety of KIT Technology solutions In this nation because of the massive amounts of advanced technology that is introduced regularly. The online learning environment utilized a variety of these solutions to assist with communication, education, and demonstration in the internet classroom.

The technologies of Microsoft office and audio/video capabilities can help ensure that the online student will be fully capable of completing every assignment ND project that they may find on their syllabus or that is asked for by their instructor. These programs are sometimes difficult to learn but relatively Inexpensive to purchase and use on their personal computer. Microsoft Office Programmable/ Video Technology’s//www. Microprocessor. Mom/store/mass/en_US/PDP/Office-365- Personal/product. 297833200http//www. Mad. Com/en-us/innovations/software- technologies/enhanced-mediate. 99 and up 100 to over challengers include learning the various options and how to operate them powerlessness’s include ending and adequate version that Is sufficient for all projects without being more than needed. Learning how to operate the video and audio program In a way that will produce proper projects to acquire an elevated grade.

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Benefits include ability to utilize excel, word and power point to complete class assignments and projects. Benefits include the ability to record class projects with audio as directed by the instructor. This program would also allow the individual to produce videos of birthdays, graduations and weddings. Microsoft office is a must for students because he Instructors assign many projects that Include the use of spread sheets, excel technology and power point presentations. This program Is Inexpensive and fairly easy to learn to use.

There are videos to help the individual learn how to operate these programs to ensure they gain the benefits the program offers. Students may be capable of obtaining an adequate grade without this technology however, this technology would allow them to produce superior videos with audio for projects that allow videos In lieu of writing a long essay or term paper. The purchase and use of t least one of these programs would allow the students to more easily complete their assignments and projects In an efficient and effective manner.

The purchase and proper use of both of these programs would make the individuals courses more manageable and help them to obtain the best high school or college online experience available. Online courses are difficult at best but with the proper tools they are easily mastered by the Individuals participating in them. This experience is like most others when you have the resources necessary to efficiently, effectively and successfully complete the tasks the mastery and successful completion Is more accessible and possible.

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