Assessment Business Opportunity Writtren Report Semester Assignment

Assessment Business Opportunity Writtren Report Semester Assignment Words: 305

Written Report This piece of assessment is designed to test your ability to identify, evaluate and put into place strategies to execute a first person business opportunity. The assignment is designed to encourage you to consider all key aspects of viable business opportunity. On completion of the assignment you should have sufficient information to make an informed assessment of the viability of the business opportunity.

Classes re designed to facilitate your learning; however, to successfully complete the assignment you will need to take an active approach to learning and seek out learning opportunities. You are strongly encouraged to seek expert opinion on your business ideas and your strategies for executing the opportunity. This assignment should be done in teams of 4-5 students. Exceptions can be made in certain circumstances.

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Format The assignment should be written in Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced, 30 age limit excluding cover page, references and appendices. Please use PAP reference system. Due Date Friday the 5th of June 201 5 at up. M. An electronic version needs to be submitted on Blackboard and a hard copy submitted to the Learning Centre, Level 1, Colon Clark Building (39). See course profile for penalties for late submissions Grading This piece of assessment is worth 40 percent of your total grade. A detailed grading Rubric is provided.

Limitations on Business Opportunities The aim of this assignment is to focus on the development of a first person entrepreneurial opportunity. This creates some limitations in regards to the types of new venture business opportunities that are appropriate to focus on. The maximum amount of start-up capital which can be invested in the business is $5000 AU per team member. The expertise that is required to execute the opportunity to reach a proven business concept should be held within the team.

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