Intro to Psych Assignment

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Important: access code includes access to an E-BOOK, which meaner that you do not have to purchase the hard copy of the textbook. You can also purchase the materials directly from McGraw-Hill by going to: http://shop. McGraw-hill. Com/mishap/store/Flam/ (materials are cheaper on this Bessie) Course Requirements: Web component of the course: SYS 2012 is a hybrid course (a combination of lecture and online formats) and thus all students are required to log into and regularly utilize Blackboard for this course.

Through this website, students will be able to access all course information, including important documents and communications from the professor. Online assignments through McGraw-Hill’s Connect can also be accessed directly from Blackboard homepage E-mail messages should be sent to the professor through Blackboard e- mail ONLY. Blackboard Access: HTTPS://campus. Fib. Du/, click LOGIN. Blackboard supports the following FOUR browsers: Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Maxilla Firebox, and Google Chrome. To log in, use the same surname and password that you use for FIB Miscounts.

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For login information and other questions, go to: http://www. Demarcating. Com/ higher/ebb_student or to http://feminine. Fib. Du/blackboard’s If you have questions or need help with Blackboard you may come see the course teaching assistant (TA) in DMS 289 during scheduled office hours. Course Agreement: Students must read the syllabus carefully and in its entirety, and “agree” to the Course Agreement online in Blackboard. This agreement verifies students’ understanding of and willingness to comply with the policies and requirements of the course.

If you do not read and agree to the Course Agreement, your exam scores will not be released to you. Read the following documents posted on the course Homepage: “Course Syllabus,” “Sons Systems Instructions,” and “l>clicker Instructions. ” Then, from the course Homepage, click on “Course Agreement,” read the agreement, type in I agree (without any periods, quotation marks, or other symbols), and click “Submit. ” Syllabus Quiz: Once you familiarize yourself with the syllabus, you will need to take the Syllabus quiz online, through Blackboard. Completing this quiz is R D and your score on it will count towards your final grade.

Read the syllabus thoroughly! Final grades. There are four components that make up your final grade: * an exam component (50%), * an online Learners assignment component (20%), * an component (10%), * a research component (20%). Exams. Unit exams are intended to assess your comprehension, retention, and knowledge of the material covered in lectures and the textbook for a designated unit. There are four (4) unit exams. Each exam is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions, worth 2 points each, for a total of 100 points per exam. The lowest of the first three exam scores will be DROPPED.

Everyone MUST take the fourth exam and the fourth exam score is used in final grade calculations. The average of the three exam scores make up 50% of your final grade. Here is some crucial information regarding the exams. * Everyone MUST take the FOURTH exam! (Note special time of the fourth exam! ) * There are ABSOLUTELY NO MAKE-UP EXAMS (for ANY reason). Note that if you rants an exam for any reason the score for that exam will be dropped. If you miss the fourth exam, you will get a “zero” on it and it WILL count toward your grade.

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