Helen Keller Study Journal Assignment

Helen Keller Study Journal Assignment Words: 332

The questions in this assignment cover all the reading of William Gibbon’s The Miracle Worker. You will be prompted to answer these questions as you work on the lessons. You will need to turn in this assignment after you complete the lessons covering the entire play. Your answers should be written in complete sentences and include examples from the text. 1 . Consider the differences between reading a play and seeing one performed.

What are some of the advantages of reading a play? What are some of the advantages of engine the play performed? 2. Answer: I find it harder to read the play rather than seeing it performed, the reason I say this is because when you read it you read everything including what all the players are supposed to perform. So basically to me it’s like I’m acting like all of the characters at once. It’s easier for me to comprehend a play when I see one live rather than myself reading one.

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The advantages of reading the play are that you can reread it if you get lost in one spot but one disadvantage is you have to read every harassers part of the play rather than seeing it live and some readers as myself get a little confused when reading it. The advantages of seeing the play are that you get to see the play happening live and actually see what happened rather than what your mind thinks what happened. Some disadvantages are that you can’t go back into the play if you get lost and also sometimes the plays are not going to be performed very well and Just won’t live up to the story of the play. . How does Gibbon’s depiction tot Annie Sullivan attest the way readers view her? What experiences does Annie have that make readers believe in her ability to help Helen Keller? 4. Answer: I felt that he made her very proper and would not give up

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