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James Parker Pedophilia & Victims TASTES Assignment 3 BY Chine shown ID: 2134065 The Traumatic event I have chosen in this case study is the abominable act of pedophilia James Parker, a Former Deputy Principal of a school in North land. Over a period of eight years sexually abused male pupils under his care. Yes, It’s a pretty touchy subject this one and I find myself wondering what other factors are at play in its formulation of how we see it. The impact on the community has effected not only the victims but the families, the school and the wider community through the news and media, sending “Moral Panic” .

Former Deputy Principal James Parker has been sentenced to preventive detention with a minimum period of imprisonment of 7 years. Pedophilia: comes from the Greek word; pedophilia, which meaner friendship. But such a meaning denies the true horror of their beliefs and actions. A pedophilia is a person who fantasies about having a relationship with young children. It is a person with a dark, destructive and a disturbed mind. Society in general is revolted by these people but they are encouraged to view it with understanding. Unfortunately, most of today’s children will never tell. They feel ashamed that this as happened to them.

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They are protecting their abuser because he or she is part of their family. They are protecting other members of their family saving them from the pain of knowing. The children themselves are marked for life. Often these children lead stunted lives. They fit the profile of trauma victims and suffer from something akin to post- traumatic stress disorder. The shame and insecurity often manifests itself into the abuse of a spouse/partner or a child. Men who have suffered from childhood abuse are often compared to people suffering from borderline personality disorder. Men who grew up in abusive families identify with the abusive parent.

They see the abused parent as weak. They feel that their abused parent failed to protect them and they become resentful. To rectify this wrong they then reenact the episodes feeling as though they have somehow thwarted the abused parent. These men often use violence to mask their insecurities and keep their even their most intimate companions at arm’s length If abused before the age of nine there is a high probability that the child will be promiscuous later in life. Their sexual awareness and confidence has been risen while children who are abused after this age are likely to be highly introverted, shamed, and afraid of sexual relations.

A pedophilia would be mortified at the thought that his actions would be harmful to the child. Pedophilia generally have a preexisting relationship with the child, they are friends, neighbors, or relatives. Pedophilia are generally not forceful or violent they use charm and friendship to lure their victims. Most pedophilia activity begins in the later teenage years. Pedophilia and child molestation are very often linked to the sexual molestation of the perpetrator at an early age. The offender is often recreating their own traumatic event(s). Sometimes the offender is seeking gratification or validation that they did not receive as children.

They are socially inept in adult company due to an arrested development of emotion. They are passive, introverted, quiet men. They are often the youngest of numerous sons. They relate to their victim’s pain. Most child abuser have an predilection for girl victims, those who do prefer boys attack slightly older children. Want the pedophilia definition? Be careful who you ask. Some will say “he’s a child molester. ” Others will say “he’s an innocent victim of sexual abuse in his childhood. ” Who is right? Maybe both… Maybe neither. Did you know that not all pedophilia are adults?

Did you know pedophilia is technically a disease, not a crime? Most pedophilia never see a psychiatrist, although it is a real diagnosable illness. Pedophilia a psychological disorder that occurs when someone turns to children for sexual pleasure. Most instances are found in adults, although older teens can also have the disease. Teenagers must be at least 5 years older than their would-be victims to meet the criteria of the diagnosis. Most teenage pedophilia were victims of sexual abuse in their early childhood. Actually, most adult audiophiles were molested as children also.

This shows a level of “recidivism” (or “lapsing into an old state of being”). I must say not every molested child grows up to be a pedophilia Old experiences and new fantasies haunt pedophilia time and again throughout their adult lives. These obsessions interfere with the pedophilia ability to work well, socialize, and have healthy adult relationships. The short term and resonating effects of abuse are severe and need to be dealt with before any progress can be made in stopping this brutal pattern. The profiles of child abusers and their victims are, at times, disturbing.

The consequences of abuse can fuel a child to later become a child abuser themselves. Homosexual relationships between men and boys consist of a friend they can trust, often discussing problems and ideas that they can never discuss with their parent’s. It is easier for a pedophilia than it is for most other adults to identify with the child’s way of thinking and so is able to talk about confidential matters with the children on their level. In such a pedophilia relationship the boy identifies to some extent with the man, which is an expression called “apprentice love”. The boy strives to become a man by identity go n his mentor.

The boy can learn all there is between heaven and earth from his lover. And of course he also learns something about sex that perhaps his parent’s were too timid to tell him. James Parker had this to say in court: “Those of you who know me well will know that I am not the monster that many will portray me to be. I am, however, the unwilling host of a most terrible disorder. “It is my great hope that all who have suffered because of me will now be able to get the help they need. It is also my desperate wish that I too will be able to receive help for this sickness within me. ” Right!

And you couldn’t have sought help for your “most terrible disorder” and “sickness” during the eight year period? Spare me the tears. I believe that most all of us know or have come in contact with pedophilia individuals without even knowing it. They are simply morally depraved individuals who represent the “monsters” in our society. The damaging effects for the children incur psychological damage when exposed to sexual assault against their will, and may last for the rest of their lives. Sexual fears, depression and social problems will generally result. Shame and self-hatred are key words the victims often feel.

In conclusion child molestation is a very serious crime because it involves children. Children are precious human beings that deserve to live a normal childhood. There are many problems that exist in this world, but this makes me feel nauseated. There is not enough scientific research to evaluate the statistics of molestation and abuse of children that support the effects of preventative techniques and penalties. Although many opinions vary the consensus is that the techniques used for prevention and the conviction time Just do not work; the offender needs and craves the adrenaline rush ND control of the crime.

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