Internet in school library? Assignment

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I hope to convince you otherwise. I believe that school libraries should provide Internet access for students because it provides greater learning capabilities, a chance for unfortunate students, and expands number of classes through the Internet. Providing Internet in schools can be beneficial to students because it can provide students with greater learning capabilities. Before the Internet one would have to scour through many books just to find one small piece of Information. With the internet this problem Is resolved.

One can easily search for the topic and get relevant statistics and extra, more updated, information that one cannot find in a book. The internet can provide this and expands learning outside of the classroom. Through the use of this amazing development we can all be more effective In our work. An example that may Illustrate this Is a student who needs to write a research paper for school and without the internet he would be all day in a library looking through irrelevant books, but with the internet this all changes.

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He may now find his information effectively and find other online resources that may assist him in his efforts. The Internet not only provides more information about what was covered in lass but extra information and skills that may be applied outside of school. It can answer questions that others may not know completely. The Internet is a critical part of learning in our schools and removing or not providing It In the library would be a detriment to students’ learning capabilities. The Internet Is not only used as an expansion for classes but can also be used for actual classes.

The state has already created websites specifically for this purpose. The Internet can be used to access online classes that are not provided In the school. Last summer I was able to take a computer programming course not available in my school. If it wasn’t for the Internet I would have not been able to take the class at all. Using local teachers to teach something they are not specialized in may harm the amount that student may learn but with the Internet students may take a course online and be able to contact professionals in the field about assignments for the class.

A student can now take classes they otherwise could not take. Some schools actually use these online classes as part of their curriculum by enrolling everyone in a class and allowing them time to work on it under the supervision of a teacher that may assist in a wide range on problems a student may encounter. With these online classes a student may more at their own pace rather than the pace of a majority which helps students learn more effectively. The only way that this Is possible Is by providing Internet access In school libraries.

If you remove this you will only be harming the students. Is not provided in the library. To use the Internet Billy would have to go home, the only problem is that he also doesn’t not have access at home. Where does he go now? Not all students have access to this amazing feat of modern technology. Some are less fortunate than others and cannot afford to have access at home. Many teachers today assign online homework as in online assessments or others tools for learning.

If you do not have Internet access at home this would be difficult for you to complete. Some students go to a public library where they have a small time allotted to use a computer. The student now feels rushed and performs poorly on the task. Some parents cannot bring the student to the library that day at all meaning that the student cannot even attempt at the assignment. This situation is a perfect example of what occurs in schools that do not have Internet access. Having access in school braises can resolve this problem completely.

A student may now have a safe and calm environment to work in that can provide all of the necessities for learning being free of constrained boundaries of public locations. The Internet is such an amazing creation. It can expand learning beyond the classroom by allowing students to have access to information and skills. It can also expand the number of classes that a student can take that they otherwise would have never experiences. Having this in a school library provides a chance provides a chance for those less fortunate students who do not have access at home.

A school library is a safe environment and free from the constraints of public access locations. Some may argue that the Internet may be used as a distraction for learning but proper computer specialists these websites can be blocked and only allow access to websites of learning. If you disallow school libraries to provide Internet access YOU will be the cause for the detriment of state-wide learning. What should be considered is making access mandatory rather than considering restriction it. The Internet is the new school. The Internet is technology’s best creation. Don’t take this away from us.

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