Myself & My hobby Assignment

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Name: – Class: Cohort Group 1 Individual assignment: Myself & My hobby l’ am -r age 19 years old and was born on 05 June 1993 at the General Hospital Taw, Saba. I am from Taw, Saba. I live in village of Tanning Bath Kerugma, Taw. Was the third child of five siblings. I started school at SST Patriot’s Primary School Taw from Primary 1 to Primary 6. Then I enrolled into Sahara High School, Taw up to Form 5. In school, I used to only educational performance.

Now went to the University Clangor Diploma n Pre-school Program. My ambition is want to be a flight attendant but my sustenance is to be a pre-school teacher god willing I would become a good educator and useful for future generations. My hobby is photography. Photography is a way of to express myself. This hobby also removes all my monotony and dullness of life. It gives me leisure, pleasure and mental refreshment. When I went to relax my mind, my camera becomes my solace and friend. My hobby was become part and parcel of my life.

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It keeps my mind and body occupied during my free time. My hobby also keeps my mind all the time refreshed and tension time. It adds color and zest to my life. Started growing interest in photography since 201 0 when my first sister purchase DSL camera and now I my own camera DSL a gift from my grandfather. I don’t think I will ever give up my hobby of taking beautiful snaps of anything. Am also eager to learn more about photography to become excellent in it. I like photography very much.

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