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Some students may disrupt the classroom because of unmet needs. These students are looking for safety, self-respect, authority, to fit in, hope, having fun and struggle to win. When a student feels their needs are not being met they tend to misbehave, become unfocused and uncomfortable. A teacher can help to stop this disruptive behave from happening by paying attention to all of her students. A teacher should especially pay attention to what is going on with those students who act out or have disruptive behavior.

When a teacher notices that a teacher is beginning to act out in the classroom the teacher should first address the detent and the behavior and see if and what is going on and find a solution for the behavior. Thwarted desires happen when a student wants something so bad but does not succeed in getting what they want. Students become a menace, by being destructive, moping, showing displeasure, complainant, and acting out. When a student acts that way teachers need to address the issue before it gets out of hand.

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Make sure to never ignore the problem and make sure to tell the student the consequences of their actions and make sure they get the consequences of their actions. Expediency, as a student rises to speed through things like homework and create shortcuts in order to get through things to go have fun, it creates a problem with student behavior. When a student rushes through their homework and assignments in class it can be a disruption to those students that are working on their assignments. Once the student that is rushing is finished they can then start to rush other students.

Teachers should encourage students to take their time and never rush students to make sure they have plenty of time for the assigned work. Do not allow a student to rush and if the student gets done before everyone else have them bring their work to you to ensure they didn’t take shortcuts or not finish all the work for the assignment. When a student has an urge to transgress, they have the feeling to break a rule or When students break rules they are a disruption to the teacher and to the class.

When a teacher is constantly stopping to address rules being broken and to implement punishment for the student breaking the rules it is interrupting the students learning environment. The first couple weeks Of school are crucial for teachers to address and implement rules for their classroom and to explain o students and parents what will and will not be tolerated in the classroom. A teacher should be sure to have a strict discipline plan to address broken rules in the classroom and to never ever ignore misbehaver.

Temptation is another condition that can cause students to disrupt the classroom. When a student is attracted to something, a person, object or even a situation, the acting out on these temptations can lead to a behavior that is serene, or relentless, it depends on the attraction the student has for the temptation to how much and often they will act on the temptation. Temptations can include things like: cheating, lifestyles, manner of speaking, or fashion of clothing. If a student is cheating on a test the teacher needs to be sure to discipline the student for cheating.

Giving a zero for the assignment, getting sent to the principals office or in some cases the students can be suspended from school. Cheating is unacceptable behavior and should never be tolerated in the classroom and therefore a teacher needs to be sure to explain to her students the severances of cheating in her classroom. Inappropriate habits re those habits that are in violation of standards of behavior that are established and expected. When students use inappropriate habits in the school setting they may call names Or use profanity in the classroom.

Having rules posted in the classroom as a reminder of the things that are unacceptable in the classroom. Some students could be being bullied by the names being called by other students and the teacher should sit down with the student and find out what is going on and how to fix it. If this does not work the teacher may need to involve the parents to have them help with the dents behavior in the classroom. When a student uses poor behavior choices they have use behaviors that are unacceptable. When a teacher sees this misbehaver they need to address the behavior and find solutions to fix it.

If the teacher needs to pair the student with another student that can model the correct behavior or have the teacher model the correct way to react to the situation. Teachers can also reward the student when the student makes good choices. Students who use avoidance in the classroom setting refuse to face their failures, intimidation’s, or ridicule among other things eke unpleasant situations and maltreatment. When a student is avoiding a situation they tend to hideaway, escape, even refuse to participate in school activities.

A teacher should help the student to address the areas they are trying to avoid and find ways for the student to face and overcome these concerning areas. Students will have more failure by avoiding the things that intimidate them instead of addressing and facing their fears. Another condition that can affect the students in the classroom setting would be a student having an egocentric personality. When a student has this kind of resonantly they believe they are always right and that they can’t do anything wrong.

This can create a problem in the classroom if they believe they are doing things right even when they are not because the student is going to refuse to do the assignment the way the teacher needs it done. A teacher should find ways to compensate these students and create ways for students to refocus their attention to not always being right. Teachers can find different kinds of resources to help figure out how to handle a student like this or talk to other teachers to form different opinions and a support system o help. Some students have a neurological based behavior that they cannot control.

These students may have mental health issues, learning disabilities, ADD, Autism, spectrum disorder and other disorders that affect a student’s ability to have full control over their brain functions. When a student is dealing with a situation like this the teacher can work with a special education teacher, the principle and other support staff to help with students with this kind of behavior. Although these students will still be in the general education lassoer a special education teacher can sit in the classroom to help regulate the student’s behavior and outbursts.

There are many resources and ways that a teacher can stop disruptive behavior in the classroom. When a teacher addresses the behaviors with the students and implements the rules they set most of the situations can be avoided. For those of the conditions that cannot be avoided the teacher can use different means to accommodate the student’s behavior and find ways to not allow disruptive behavior to interrupt the learning environment for the rest of the students.

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