Enzymatic reaction lab report Assignment

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The optimum reaction condition are different for each enzyme. Most enzymes require specific environmental parameters in order for them to function proficiently. The factors that change the rate of the reaction can be the increase of the temperature, concentration of salt, and the pH level. For an enzyme to be effective, the salt concentration should be intermediate, the Ph should be neutral and increasing the temperature will beneficial to the reaction , until the point at which the protein degrades and devalue.

The enzyme used in this experiment is peroxides, obtain form turnip and catalyst the following reaction: Ecological(RE) + H2O ?? – Colorless) (Peroxides) tetragonal + H2O (Brown) If concentration of the enzyme (independent variable) is high, it will increase the rate of the reaction; therefore the absorbency (dependent variable) will increase . Also, variety of pH, will have some effect on the enzyme activity and the reaction rate. Our expectation that the highest rate of the reaction should occur at the neutral pH.

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Methods and Materials Reaction as a function of time In this part of the experiment, a blank solution was prepared by combining 4,450 Pl of Ph 7 buffer, 50 Pl of ecological and 50 Pl of turnip. The spectrophotometer set (zero absorbency, 100% transmittance) at 500 NM was then calibrate with the blank solution.. In the meantime two test tubes were prepared. Len tube # 1, 50 Pl of colloquial , 1000 Pl of 1% H2O and 2,350 Pl of Ph 7 buffer were mixed. In test tube # 2, another mixture was made with 50 Pl of turnip extract and 2,000 Pl of Ph 7 buffer.

The content of both tubes were the mixed together back and forth a couple of times and the poured in a spectrophotometer tube and inserted in the spectrophotometer . The first 20 seconds from the time of the mixing and he every 20 minute for 2 min were recorded. Reaction as function of enzyme concentration Prediction: The absorbency will increase as the higher concentration of the enzyme increase the rate of the reaction In this part of the experiment , the composition of the tube #1 and #2 were duplicated ,except that in the tube # 2 twice as much enzyme and subtract were added .

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