Influences in the Teaching Environment Assignment

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Unmotivated students – An unmotivated student doe not hand in work. Does not do work and will not do what is asked of them for the most part. Students that have a rough home life, parents who are not active in the student’s academic life, Parents who do not believe that education is an important part of lifer can lead to unmotivated students. Teachers can help these students by showing then that they are and that they believe in them. Lack of Parent support – Parents can be the worst advocated for their kids.

If parents do not show their children that they are Important and that education is important the child will not be very cooperative in the classroom. A workshop for arenas can help educate and inform parents on how important an education is for their child. Parents might understand that the also hold the key to their child’s education and that being educated can hold a better future for them. Temper Tantrums – If a student does not get his/her way, or they are asked to do something they do not want to do a temper tantrum can ensue.

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These students can be very disruptive to the classroom. It is very difficult to get an unruly student to stop cursing and yelling. Calmly stating that you understand that they are frustrated and walking away gives the student time to settle own and gently pulling them aside after class to discuss the matter can help bring back some semblance of order in the classroom. Does not Want to work – A student will sometimes refuse to do the assigned work. Students just like some adults do not want to work on any given day.

There will be times that the student will just flat out refuse to do their work. If the student is not being loud and not distracting other students then let the student be. Have the student stay after class and ask him or her why the refusal to do work. Give the student a chance to make up the work at home for credit. Students hat do not meet reading requirements – There are students that are passed to the next grade without having the appropriate reading level for that grade. There are students in the 10th grade level that have a third grade reading level.

This has a major disadvantage for the students who have reading difficulties, these students cannot function in the same level as the others and can be disruptive to the class by constantly asking what specific words mean. Talkers – Students can be very disruptive when they are talking to loud and too much. These students have a lack of curtsey to others and are very self entered. A teacher named Kate has this method she uses a strip of masking tape on her wrist on which she write their initials and tally their talking for several class periods.

That way when she talks to them, she can show them the information and be clear about how often it happens. She states that students many times are surprised at how disruptive their talking is to the class. With this baseline, she can talk about how the student can reduce the talking and gradually work to decrease it. Tardiness and Absence – When a student is late or absent it disrupts the class and delays the teaching to the there students. Having to stop redirect the teaching for the tardy student then going back to the lesson at hand wastes time.

Students need to be made aware that tardiness is very disruptive to the classroom and that there can be consequences to their actions. Technology – Technology in a way is one of the best resources in the classroom. However, when it fails to function it can be a great impediment to the learning process. It disrupts the flow of the classroom. If the teacher is not trained correctly in the ways of the technology that is being used in the classroom the teacher will not be equipped to reform in his/her best capabilities. Training – Smart-boards are a great teaching tool.

If the teacher knows how to use it and trouble shoot when needed to. When a teacher is properly trained on how to perform certain functions and trouble shoot he most frequent troubles that befall the equipment then the teacher will become most proficient in what they do every day – Teach. Not enough Materials – Inner city schools see it more often than suburban schools. Lack of materials. Teachers would like to be able to send the students home with a text book to read for an assignment but there s just not enough money in the budget to do so.

Electronic books are a great way to cut costs in the district. The issue would be lack of computers in the home. However in this day and age there are a lot of students that do have smart phones. In these smart phones the students can have access to books if the school district can have the resources available to them. Standardized Testing – Is not an asset in the classroom. Students learn about different subjects throughout the school year then are tested in April. The problem in these standardized tests are that students at times will not learn the subject tater until May.

These students are taking test that they have not learned about. Teachers are finding themselves leaving the curriculum and lesson plans that are in place to teach the subjects that are going to be on the Standardized testing. The main issue is that the teachers are told not to teach the subject matter. It is such a catch twenty two. DO and don’t. Standardized testing are to measure a students’ knowledge on what they have learned thought the school year. Students can at times forget what they have learned and have trouble taking the tests. All of these issues are very disruptive to a hill’s learning.

The process needs to be revisited so that the learning and the testing coincide with each other. That way the classroom will be less disrupted Quantity VS. Quality – One of the plights of the teacher is that they are expected to teach an excessive amount of information and not spend enough time on the subject matter. Changing over to a different topic with little time on the subject can leave students confused. Molly stated that she would prefer having more time to teach a specific subject matter so that the students can comprehend the topic properly.

There are multiple ways that a dent can be disruptive in the classroom. Maintaining an orderly classroom takes time and management. Teachers need to make sure that they start the school year with routine and procedures in place. Students will know what is expected of them throughout the school year. The administration will help by supporting the teachers in their methods of management and discipline. Teachers also can maintain a properly working classroom with working electronics and the training needed to trouble shoot and use the electronics. With all of these in place, students can be successful in their school year.

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