In the Time of the Butterflies Assignment

In the Time of the Butterflies Assignment Words: 324

Taking their entire lives into account, which of the four Miramar sisters is the most proactive (using Coveys definition, not your own or the dictionary)? I disagree with you–convince me. I am most easily convinced by careful analysis of texts, illustrated by specific examples from those texts. Requirements: You should answer the question in four pages (give or take a third off page), using MEAL formatting, including citations, as described in Hacker.

Be sure you read the chapter in Hacker on MEAL instead of Just looking at the models, or you ay find yourself making embarrassing errors that make you look less competent than you really are. The paper needs to be submitted through Turning (under assignments in our Blackboard course). There are links to submit both your first version and your rewrite?you need to submit both, and they need to be submitted in the correct spots.

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The day the first version is due, you also need to bring in a hard copy of your paper for the class to critique. You do not need to print out any cover pages, and you may print on both sides of the paper if you like, but be certain you have double spaced so there is room for people to make comments. This question asks you to analyze one character (your chosen Miramar sister) in terms of one theory (Coveys Habit 1).

Future papers will ask for more complex analysis using more than simply one character and one theory, but striping away the complexities really makes it clear if you thoroughly understand both the novel and the “habit”. You will have to think long and hard about how to support your answer in order to do it well. Remember: average equals C. This is an exercise in careful reading, close analysis, persuasive writing skills, MEAL formatting, and getting to know Habit 1 much more closely.

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