Photography Assignment

Photography Assignment Words: 400

All assignments/pro]sects must be completed and presented for marking by the due date. Marks will be deducted for late work and invalid reasons. All assignments must be delivered by the student in person to the lecturer concerned. No other lecturer is allowed to accept students’ assignments. All tests/examinations are compulsory. Students must sit the test/examination on the notified date. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the test/examination timetable. Students who miss a test/examination will not be allowed to pass. Any scheduling of tutorials, both during or after lecture hours, is TOTALLY the responsibility of each student. Appointments are to be proposed, arranged, confirmed, and kept, by each student. Failure to do so in a professional manner may result in penalty of grades. Tutorials WITHOUT appointments will also NOT be entertained. Note that every assignment is given an ample time tram tort completion.

T gather with advanced information pertaining deadlines gives you NO EXCUSE not to submit assignments on time. 80-84 55 – 59 50-54 4. 0 GRADES All modules and assessable projects will be graded according to the following system. With respect to those units that are designated ‘Approved for Pass/Fail’ the grade will be either PA or F: Grade Numeric Grade 90 – IOWA+ Description 85 75 74 65 60 – 89 ? 79 – 70 – 69 ? 64 O ? 49 A Pass with Distinction 8+ B Pass with Credit C pass Exempted EXPO PC up PIX x Pass Conceded Pass Provisional with extra work needed Pass after extra work is given and passed

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Apply proficient techniques of shooting, digitizing & manipulating bibliographic imagery. Ђ Think more ethically, as well as creatively about image enhancement and manipulation. Create projects that address social Justice issues and reflect diverse points of view. Develop effective ways to talk about and critique work. Judgment Skills – Students can self evaluate their own strength and weakness, challenge and receive opinions and develop own criteria and Judgment. Manage Information – Students can manage information, collect appropriate data from a range of sources and undertake simple research with external guidance.

Autonomy – The student can take responsibility for own learning with minimum direction Communication – The student can communicate effectively in a format appropriate to the discipline and report in a clear and concise manner. Team work – The student can effectively work with others as a member of a group and meet obligations to others.

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