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If you need an extension for extenuating circumstances, please discuss this with the professor before the due date, ND an email that covers what has been agreed upon will be expected before an extension is granted. Evaluation Term Work The term work will constitute 75% of the final grade. A minimum of 50% of graded term work must be completed in class. Students will read 8-10 selections and write a minimum of 2500 words during the term, including at least two 500-word analytical essays written In class; a 1 DOD-word analytical essay; and a research assignment.

Students will develop arguments based upon a critical appreciation of the themes and literary techniques presented in the readings. They will also support their views with textual references. No more than 10% of the final grade will be allotted to quizzes and/or group work. Final Examination The final exam will constitute 25% of the course grade. It will be a common exam in the form of a textual analysis. Students must pass the term work and the final exam to pass the course.

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Grading System In addition to the usual passing grades Of A+ to D, there are two grades that denote unsuccessful attempts at EACH 50: F (O to 49%) Failure (term work has not been completed) TIT The student has satisfactory attendance and has completed the term work, but has not met the learning outcomes. Any students receiving ATT in EACH 150 will continue their studies in EACH 150 in subsequent semesters until they have met the learning outcomes. In the meantime, the ATT grade does not affect the student’s grade point average.

Students who feel that they ma) not pass the subject are, therefore, encouraged to keep working hard in the subject rather than drop it. Attendance and Participation Consistent attendance is important for success in this subject. If you are absent from class, please notify your professor by e-mail. You are still responsible for the material and assignments missed and will be required to provide documentation. For extensions or special considerations, make the request well in advance of any due dates.

Considerate classroom conduct, adequate class preparation, and constructive participation will enhance your academic experience and that Of your colleagues. In particular, you are asked to contribute to the learning environment by being prompt, courteous, responsible and collaborative, and by following the behavioral policies listed in the College Academic Policy and the Student Handbook. Student/Faculty Consultation Outside Classroom Hours Please arrange times with your professor to discuss your work and progress n this course.

Learning Centre For free assistance in English, visit our Learning Centre and make an appointment with one of our tutors. In EACH, weekly appointments are often recommended for extra help with grammar, sentence structure, composition, or vocabulary. Tutors can offer guidance and help you remedy writing problems, but will not proofread, or correct grammar, or alter content Visit the Writing Centre in Room SSL 1 20 of the Learning Commons or book an appointment online at HTTPS://www. Seneca. On. Ca/webs. Please retain this document for future educational and/or employment use.

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