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The list often probing questions I could that I could ask my friends to help me find the “truth” and make a wise choice about whether or not to take Dry. Skinner’s class are as follows (1)Does Doctor Skinner allow time for questions? (2) Is the lecturer approachable? Can the lecturer be approached if I need help? (3) Is the class lecture based? (4) His he prejudiced? (5) What sort of assignment would I have? (6) Is he flexible about tardiness and late submissions of assignment? (7) Is it easy to fall behind in his class? )How closely does he follow the syllabus? (9) If you miss a test, does he allow the student to have make up test? (10) What sort of lecture style does he have? What I think was responsible for the group’s grade of “D” in the case study are quite many. In the first instance, the team did not work together. The team work was nil. I will start with Anthony. Anthony made himself the leader of the group without any body appointing him. He assumed the leadership on his own He was boss, garrulous, and he felt he knew more than any of the other team members.

He barks out orders and this irked the rest of the group. On the day of the presentation, instead of the three having the exact topic they would defend, Anthony wanted to defend the whole theory, and even went over Sylvia topic. He is not a good leader, because a good leader would at least involve every other members of the group, and he would guide his team in the right direction. On the contrary, he misguided the team. However, Donald is one of those group members that no one would like to have as a member in a group project.

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He has a non-Callahan attitude about the project, and he neglected his own duty, and did not participate in group meetings. He left the whole project to just Anthony and Sylvia. However about Sylvia. Sylvia should have been more assertive. She played the role of an underdog, and this really affected the group. Maybe if she spoke up and voiced her opinion, it might have been a different result that the group would have. Overall, I have found myself in several positions with group projects, and there would always be an Anthony, Donald and Sylvia.

I can always tolerate an Anthony in a way, but people like Donald are really hard to work with. During group projects there are some people who would not want to contribute to the project, they leave everything to other members of the group, and most times if care is not taken it affects the overall result of the project. Members like Anthony are the people that they believe they know everything, but unfortunately at the end of the day they are “empty barrels” that makes the most noise, and they really do not have anything to offer.

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