Identify And Evaluate Opps A Assignment

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Market Analysis Market background: Competitiveness, type of market structure. Market Size: In terms of dollar value, volume or size. Market Growth: Projected growth trends impacting on the company or business. Key Competitors: Identify and evaluate competitors. Environmental Factors: Potential and barriers of the existing market. Target Markets: Is there potential to expand target markets? Identify and evaluate new marketing opportunity Describe the new opportunity: Is it a product or a service? Marketing strategy: Market penetration, product development, market development or diversification?

Describe your strategy and include how you have considered the following mind gusty codes of practice to confirm your strategy: ADAM – Direct Marketing Code of Practice Free TV Australia – Commercial Television Industry code of Practice Australian E-Commerce Best Practice Model Trade Practices Act Describe how you have considered the privacy laws and ethical principles to identify the opportunities and check with customers for feedback on the new opportunity. Break-even analysis Conduct a break-even analysis of one unit of the product or service. Identify changes to current operations

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How would you identify any requirements for extended resources (including staff) for changed operations, taking into consideration: the anti- discrimination legislation the principles of equal opportunity equality and diversity. Presentation Document opportunity and present to the board of directors for approval. Task 2 Individual case study assignment New marketing opportunities require managers to conduct analyses of the This assessment will identify how you can apply your knowledge of the theory involved with identifying and evaluating marketing opportunities to a case study.

Each student is required read the case study (Dell) in order to answer the questions which follow below. ALL questions must be answered. Procedure Case Study Dell is one of the world’s largest providers of computer systems and services. You will find information about Dell in the unit resources provided on Model. Your trainer may also give you additional information about Dell and you will find a lot more information is available on the Internet, including the features of the Dell direct customer business model and the ways in which Dell is altering its approach to meet the changing needs of its customers.

Specifications You must provide: a document which contains the answers to all questions. Enter your name, the Unit number and title (name), your Trainers name, and the date of completion. Your assessor will be looking for: clear expression of ideas knowledge of marketing theory a demonstrated application of theory to the case study. Questions 1 List ways that Dell conducts research on its customers to continually improve products and services. 1 . What are the features of Dell’s research? 2. What is Dell’s unique selling point? 3. What are the strategies Dell uses to generate revenue? 4.

What does return on investment mean in relation to Dell’s marketing campaign and how is it measured? 5. Identify three external threats and two internal weaknesses that Dell could face. 6. What types Of information can a business gather from its internal systems about its customers to assist in the planning process? 7. List four ways environment scanning can be conducted to look for information. 8. Describe qualitative and quantitative research and provide three ways research could be conducted. 9. How could the Australian Bureau of Statistics assist with the research process? 10. What is a business opportunity?

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