How to Finish Your Homework on Time Assignment

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Choose a good study environment Opt for a free area which is free from any type of disturbance. Avoid a room which has access to TV, computers and music system. Keep mobile phones away while you are studying, so as to make sure that you don’t feel distracted. It is better to avoid areas like the dining room as continuous movement of people will disturb you. Make it a point to keep all books, copies, pencils and erasers are in the right place which you require while studying. Avoid studying on the bed as you are likely to feel more theatric.

Choose an area which is well lit. This is because you are likely to find it difficult to concentrate on your homework while studying under the dim light. Prioritize your assignments Divide your assignments on the basis of priority. High priority assignments will be those which you will have to submit tomorrow. They may be related to subjects which you find difficult to understand. Complete the homework in this category first. Medium priority assignments will be those which can be done later include the ones which require a substantial amount of research.

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Divide the assignment into a number of sections and complete each section on a daily basis till the due date. Low priority assignments comprise those subjects which are easy for you. Save these assignments for the last so that you can complete them, even when you feel tired. 3. Establish a homework routine You may find it more suitable to study for short time period. If studying at a stretch for a couple of hours without a break make you feel distracted, then there is no point in studying in that manner.

Instead study for an hour or two, and then take a break, finish your supper and work for sometime after dinner. You may intend to study, once you have finished your homework. Before doing so, make it a point to walk around for about half an hour to refresh your body as well as mind. 4. Avoid unproductive study habits Avoid keeping large and tough assignments to be completed at the last moment, as you may not have sufficient time to complete them. Don’t do your home work at school between classes. Doing them in a hurry can have a bad impact on your grade.

There is no point doing homework while a class is going on either, as you may end up missing something important. 5. Make time for fun activities Do homework for 2 hours and then take a break for 15 minutes to surf through social networking sites. Setting a timer would be a good option. Reward yourself for working well. Once you are done with your studies, call a friend or visit him. Do things which you love to, like watching TV or listening to music.

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