Expectations from the International Baccalaureate Program Assignment

Expectations from the International Baccalaureate Program Assignment Words: 349

In English Language and Literature, I expect not only to read books and work on rammer, but I expect to understand the way each author wrote in different ways and how their cultures influenced them to write in those ways. In Chemistry, I expect to conduct many interesting experiments and understand the reason and how chemicals and elements interact with each other the way they do. Finally, in Mathematics Standard Level I expect to be introduced to a wider range of topics, mathematical problems, functions, and etcetera.

I surely do expect the International Baccalaureate Program to be challenging, but I have to face my halogens. Because in life, you will eventually face many challenges and you simply can’t run away from them. I expect some late nights where I’m still working at two o’clock am because of not being able to solve a complicated problem. I also expect times where I’ll have many assignments or projects all due on the same or the next day. Lastly, my expectation which I really don’t want to come upon is some complicated tests where I don’t achieve a good enough grade on.

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While taking the International Baccalaureate Program, I expect it to help me be deter at managing my time. I’m usually a mess at time management, and my aim this year while taking the International Baccalaureate Program is to be a good time manager. It will be beneficial while taking the International Baccalaureate Program since I will have more work to do than usual. Plus, I wouldn’t want to turn in late assignments or stay up until late at night working!

My plan is to start the assigned work the same day I was assigned to do it, therefore if I do have any questions I can o ask my teacher, and I can reduce the pressure on me since I do have the next day to do my work if I need any additional time! In conclusion, I do have both positive and negative expectations from the International.

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