Unilever Future Leader Program – China Returnee Program Assignment

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China Returnee Program Milliner is one of the world’s biggest fast moving consumer goods (FMC) companies. With more than 400 brands retailed In over 190 countries and regions, our product ranges from food, home care and personal care. On any given day, two billion people use Milliner products. Consumers worldwide buy 170 billion Milliner products each year. As we always say: “Where there Is home, there Is Milliner”.

Till now, the breadth f our involvement in China has been over LOS$I billion in investment including the introduction of over 100 advanced technologies patents. Brands under Milliner such as Mom, Shanghai, Lug, Pond’s, Clear, Hazel, Lipton, Nor and Wall’s, have become popular brands among the customers. Milliner Greater China headquarter office is located in Shanghais Changing District. In addition to this office, there are also six Milliner global R & D centers located In China. Milliner directly hiring more than 6,000 local employees and create over 20,000 job opportunities.

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Since its entry into China, Milliner has been a corporation of high social responsibility. Milliner positively promotes Its Sustainable Living Plan and has been the advocated of the green development in FMC industry. We work to create a better future every day. We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others. For more Information, please visit the following sites: Milliner China Campus Recruitment Website: http:// milliner. Hindering. Com/2014/c Milliner China Campus Recruitment Webb: http:// www. Hello. M/unllevercampus2014/c Milliner China Career Website http:// whenever. Com. CNN,’careers-jobs/graduates/pulp/c Great Journey Made by U – Milliner China Management Trainee Program Introduction The Milliner China Management Trainee program Is a talent development program that Is globally designed to fill the talent pipeline using global talent acquisition standards. The Program goals are to select the top graduates with good business sense, leadership potential and determination. And develop them and help them grow with the company to become excellent professionals in their respective functions.

Milliner will provide each Management Trainees (Mats) with: 1 . Individual Development Plan (DIP) In order to develop outstanding successor(s) to the company’s management positions, Milliner will provide each MET with his/her own DIP. Each MET will work in a real business environment with real business assignments with clear Job and development targets from Day One. 2. Job Rotation and International Experience During the three-year Management Trainee Program period, Milliner will provide each MET with job rotation opportunities, functionally or cross-functionally assignments. O help them understand the business. At the same time. MATS also have many opportunities to work with the international team, get involved with different types of global/regional projects. Exceptional MATS will have the opportunity to have stage in their careers. 3. Mentor and Buddy Plan To help MATS adapt quickly to the company environment, understand company culture and build up internal networking, former MATS are assigned to become Buddies of new MATS. In addition, each MET will also have a Mentor, who is usually from the senior management team.

Mentors will share their experience and advice, so as to facilitate the Mats’ growth and provide them with guidance on their career development. 4. First-class Training Programs Milliner will provide MATS with first-class training programs, covering professional skills, general skills and leadership skills, to improve their working effectiveness and efficiency. Our great training investment will enable the MATS to develop rapidly. 5. Leading Compensation & Beneficently will provide MATS with leading compensation in the industry. We offer competitive salary packages. Salary increases will be based on yearly performance evaluations.

Qualification & Requirements 1 2014 graduates who are creative, diligent, team players, and love challenges 2 Demonstrate academic excellence 3 Posses strong leadership competencies; analytical ability, strategic thinking and problem solving skills 4 Strong communication skills; the ability to communicate effectively 5 Graduates who can speak and write fluent Chinese-Mandarin 6 Be proactive, self-driven and the ability to multi-task 7 Prior work experience or relevant summer internship a plus 8 Must be work authorized in China Graduates willing to start this exciting career opportunity in China immediately upon graduation.

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