Dying, Death, and Bearevment Assignment

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The joke I always make to my friends and family is, “I’m going to be late at my own funeral. ” I want to be brought in or some way showing me being late, In hopes that this might bring a little comfort bring to mind happy thoughts. Following the service, I would like for everyone to get together and enjoy each other’s company, by engaging in my two favorite things eating and dancing, In hopes to help cope with the loss. I would Like for my granny to cook for the event, because she knows how much I loved her food.

Here is a brief layout of costs for the service: ; casket – $2,300 Funeral director’s basic services fee -? $11500 Embalming and body preparation – $600 Funeral ceremony and viewing – $1,000 Miscellaneous (hearse, death certificates, obituary, etc. ) – $600 a) Lay out your funeral plan in as much detail as possible, including, costs, timing, pre and post events, music (if applicable), etc. B) Write a summary of how you felt about the data you gathered and the process. C) Using the text as support, write a few paragraphs about how your particular plans meet particular psychosocial needs. This means you must cite the book. ) If you feel comfortable doing so, talk to people in your family about what your Lana are and see if they agree or disagree with your plans. Several students in the past have had long conversations with their spouses and significant other that yielded surprising results. Write a few paragraphs on how that went. Summary My feelings while doing this assignment were a lot different than how I thought I would feel. I imagined this assignment would bring me down, thinking about the possibilities of my life ended. Rather, this assignment had the same affects last weeks assignment (writing my Will) had on me, which was a sense of relief.

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I actually let I drew comfort from this assignment, as I realized, the significance of how my actions, by means of this assignment, allows for my wishes still being respected even after I’m gone. This preparation of this funeral, like those of many others today proves to meeting psychosocial needs because in funerals done here in the United States, preparations are left in the hands of funeral homes. Despite the criticisms, and stereotypes of the way funerals are being portrayed as, “Lavish. ” In addition, the prices that are sky rocketing has little or no affect on the consumers.

In fact, many are emending those whose Jobs are to help in putting your loved ones to rest, “most of us hire professionals, known as funeral directors or morticians, to provide services and merchandise for conducting a funeral service and handling various task involved in caring for the dead” (Despoiler & Strickland, 2011 pig 297). So prior to me starting my assignment, my 13 year old little sister asked me what I had to do for homework. When I told her she says, “OhhhKkkaaayyy, that’s kind of strange, why would you be doing something like that,” then she walked out the room without even giving me the opportunity to explain.

Next I discussed the assignment with my mother. At first, she seemed a little surprised as she raised her eyebrow. After explaining to her the reason and purpose of the assignment, she said, “Oh that’s a good idea. ” We sat and talked on the subject for about an hour and a half. When it came to my plans, she agreed to Just about all that I requested, except the part where I wanted to arrive late, she says, uniform not going to embarrass me! ” At the end of our chat, she had agreed to go and complete her and my father’s will and I learned the method she wishes to be at rest.

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