Journal of the Plague Year Assignment

Journal of the Plague Year Assignment Words: 410

“A Journal of the Plague Year Writing Assignment” If I were to live In London during the plague, I would say that every day would be depressing and desperate because you have no Idea If there will be a cure or recovery and also crazy because of the stress that the disease has caused and because of the grief of the people who lost loved ones. The plague was a terrible and ugly disease that had a great impact in the world and unfortunately, it killed tons and tons of people. Maybe somebody in my family could have gotten sick or even I could eve gotten sick but even if I was sick or not, I know that I would feel miserable either way.

If I were to lose anybody in my family like the man in the story did where he lost his wife and several of kids, I would probably be grieving just as much as he was and maybe even more. Or if I were to get sick, I would remain strong and fight for my life but with a disease like the plague that is so deadly, I feel Like I would get tired and start to lose hope and I would rather rest In peace than living with a sickness that cared my life and family’s life and that makes every day as miserable as possible.

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I bet the people living during the plague were Just as miserable as I would feel If I were alive at that time. All they would want Is for somebody to find a cure and make the whole thing away as it never happened and to hopefully feel strong enough again to stop grieving for your loss. If I were to walk down a London street in 1665, I would see sick, helpless people lying near the streets wishing to have a cure or a family to urn with them.

I would most likely hear crying, the crying of individuals and families desperately wishing for the plague to miraculously disappear. I would smell trash, smoke, and the smell of people rotting from the plague. The plague would change my daily routine by taking care of a sick family member 24/7 or vice versa, a family member taking care of me every waking second. But It’s a very obvious fact that life during the plague was cruel and completely miserable.

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