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No one can deny the fact that people are deeply Influenced by the various types of media. Radio, television, printed materials, and the Internet provide information that is much needed by individuals in their day-to-day existence. At this day and age, living without these stuffs seem to be impossible, for people are more enthusiastic in finding fresh tidbits of wisdom that can come from these sources.

The mass media makes things a lot easier, but as days go by, people seem to be more laid-back when it comes to studying. Is it for better or for worse? Learning can always be fun, but should it be taken for granted? Because of these questions, the researcher is very much open to figure out on how mass media affects the learning techniques of students nowadays. Television programs such as Sinkable, Math-think, and Art Angel among others do not only give ideas to children but entertain them as well, much to the joy of their busy parents.

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Nowadays, more and more applications, or APS, are developed for the little ones; these include a collection of nursery rhymes, puzzles, and virtual storybooks, too. Other schools even allow their students to use tablets and laptops instead of books, for these gadgets are lighter and more appealing to children nowadays. E- books or electronic books become more and more popular, as it applies not only to novels and literary compositions, but also to textbooks and educational references. Some teachers also give lessons and satellites Oval educational websites such as

Model and Démodé. By Just typing the keywords for an assignment, Google can give tons of Information that can help in searching the answers to your questions. Videos and bedposts can also be your best friend in learning new stuffs. When it comes to academics, only a few take the limelight. A lot of students focus on their social life rather than their studies, some only care about their looks more than their grades because they want to be popular than smart, they do not pay much attention to reading books, but more on using the computer.

Some students often do he copy-paste-print routine, where they will look for information online, copy it from the website, and then print it, without even reading the content. Sometimes, the mass media also becomes a distraction if the student is not properly disciplined. 1 . What are the different sources of information that students use? 2. How do these sources help students? 3. Do they prefer the mass media over library research? 4. How often do they use the Internet when it comes to their studies? 5. How does mass media affect their learning strategy?

It is beneficial for teachers, as it can help them on which teaching strategy is useful for students so they can learn and enjoy at the same time. They can either use the mass media as a tool on their discussions, or cite the bad effects of relying too much on the said source. For parents, it is important for them to understand the state of their children as students who frequently use the mass media. With this term paper, mothers and fathers can see the advantages and disadvantages the television, radio, magazines and the social media can bring to their kids.

Of course, the topic of the research speaks of students for students. This could be a reflection of how they perform at school because of the mass media. Studying is easy, but learning is crucial especially if one does not work hard. The content of this paper is the evaluation of how mass media affects the students’ learning techniques, how often they rely on these sources and how helpful these sources are. The paper is also expected to cover some aspects of how mass media influences the behavior of the respondents.

The research will take place in New Era University, and will be focusing on first year college students of the College of Arts and Sciences, by March 2014. Survey research and one-on-one interview are the research designs that will be used in order to obtain the needed information. Random sampling of the respondents will take place, and the interviewees will be specifically chosen. Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary enthusiastic – filled with or marked by enthusiasm laid-back – having a relaxed style or character significance – the quality of being important

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