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The mass media has a great influence on people and especially on the younger generation. It plays an important role in shaping the opinions and positions of young people. The mass media has left inevitable effects on people, especially on teenagers and young generations. In this modern world, people find new ways to spend their leisure time and mass media is one of the alternatives for them. Mass media is used by number of people all over the world because people can easily get use of it.

There are some positive and negative aspects of mass media, so people should be aware of hose aspects before considering information and programs that are provided by mass media. From the beginning of 20th century to up to date, the combined outcome of mass media like television, radio, and web media has doubled and decreased the share of publication activities. According to Statistics Finland, in 2012, share of market media is slightly diminished. Nearly EURO 20 million of mass media has disappeared (-0. 5%) and the total number of media around 4. Billion (Statistics Finland, 2012). We can consider several types of mass media like television shows, Gaines, newspapers, radio broadcasts, video games, books, and the internet are all different outlets of media, produced and published images and ideas that are circulated and communicate around communities, nations, and the world. Television shows are also playing a good number of role in mass media which is available in all most places of the world. Most of the people got influenced by television media, and some of them use it in their daily life.

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Television media provide varieties of programs like news, movies, serials, cartoon shows, sports events, and advertisements that people are watching as per their interests. Firstly, people can easily entertain while watching these programs on television and also influence by them. Secondly, Public can be aware of the modern world and the newly arrived technology. Thirdly, people can know about incidents that are happening all over the world. Apart from these advantages, people can spend their free time to watching television. On the other hand, television media also have some negative points.

All the information provided by television media may not be trustworthy because some of them telecast apart from actual reality. Sometimes television media show inflammatory contents to make the information interested which leads to the alternation of the information. However, some of the program shows violent and adult programs that may affect children and divert their mind. Thus, we should have to advise them not to watch adult programs. Children spend most of their time watching television programs like cartoon, music shows, so media can easily divert their mind.

However, they also learn new innovative things like technology and research activities that can improve their abilities like imagination and intelligence quotient power that help them in the modern world. Ladies and gents are most potential casualties of media’s impact over society. The depiction of ladies as sexual figures in mainstream culture is likewise a danger to the prosperity of our society. Regularly ladies are delineated or depicted in some manifestation of sexual representation.

This depiction have make a standard for the perfect female picture that ladies contrasted with anyone else. As per the report of the American Psychological Association, open images of women in media serves as “models of femininity”, especially images of young girls but some time they have to face some sexual and mental problems in the future (Bradford, 2013). Another impact of media is that Pakistani media impacted the popular presumption against the Taliban in Swat by rehashed broadcast of a feature cut indicating whipping of a lady by the Taliban.

Before the general presumption over the military activity against the Taliban in S. W. A. T was given a mission, rehashed broadcast of this short feature could changed the popular conclusion overnight in the support of the legislature to make a move (McHugh, 2011). Which covering their mission of S. W. A. T on TV, it might not be eight for the children to watch those coverage. Imagine a scenario in that following day, you see your child taken a weapon to school- which according to him is “only for no particular reason and for fun only”. This is a fact that we cannot deny at all.

Social media also has much important factors which give strength to the mass media. We know one thing that the trends of social web sites and applications like Faceable, Watchstrap, Yahoo, Tango and Twitter are all use over the world. People are using these technologies to communicate and share their social life with the outer oral. One major advantage of social media is that it is available easily in all devices and equipment. Social media sites and applications are earning huge amount of money because they have a vast range of users all over the world.

Most organizations use social media for advertising purpose because via using social media they can reach the minimum number of people. Our young generation is utilizing most of their time on social media. As a result of that information public can leave bad impacts on them. People can get useful information through media. They use social Edie to express their thoughts and chat with relatives and friends. Sometimes these social media sites and the public play crucial role to build a public opinion. They also change some facts that may cause wrong mentality for the particular person.

Social media are useful for globalization because people of one country can interact with people of another country so they can aware about new culture and lifestyle. Furthermore, people are influenced from advertisements that are visible on social media sites, and they can buy new products online that is an easy way for shopping. With such a great amount of immersion into promotions, you let confront skin issues that you acknowledge are going to exist for eternity that is one of the drawbacks of social media.

Media succeed at making a current effective impact on its viewers, yet it doesn’t give sufficient data about the delayed consequences of such a VT (Shank, 2012). Internet is also one type of useful technology which helps other media technology for publishing globally. Internet is the one who unite the whole universe and also share different types of thoughts, feelings, cultures, and research activities. All the there media needs internet technology for globalization. Internet is the fastest way to send information in electronic form. It takes less time than other technologies.

Indeed the education framework depends on the Internet. Instructors can contact the whole class by sending one email. They may have pages where substitutes can get an alternate publication of the class blueprint or assignments. A few classes have class notes in which understudies are obliged to post a weekly basis. People can read number of articles on the internet and also they can states their review by writing comments. People can also start their community by writing blobs on the internet, and then people can read these blobs and can states their feedback about the blobs.

In addition, internet also provides information about leaders and celebrities so people can get the information about their idol person on the internet and also can watch videos related to them. In other word, we can say that internet is an option for the people to get closer to their desired person. In contrast, internet also makes some negative impacts on people’s life because all the information provided by internet might not correct so sometimes it creates conflict. Sometimes on the internet people criticize celebrities that can ruin the career of that particular person.

To conclude, mass media contains lots of different media technology as per my opinion the three most powerful media’s are television, social media and internet technology which leaves great impacts on people especially on children and young generation. Mass media show a variety of information about various person and also for any products. It is also a better way to promote something so how we use this media in our daily life that is depends on our thinking. We should be careful while sing these media because it may change our mind or opinion for a particular thing.

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