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Why does the mass media have such a great influence on modern society? Many people assume that every individual chooses their own path with each decision made throughout life. Although, the effects that mass media cause on young individuals’ lives are substantial and limit the paths available. The mass media makes the status quo for what is considered to be “cool”, leads young Individuals Into Joining gangs, and causes children to use inappropriate language. Mass media has a great Influence on humans because what our minds see Is what e know.

For example, Earners wrote In his Hub Pages article, “Mass Medal and Its Influence on Society,” “There Is no mistaking that modern day society Is greatly Influenced by mass media every day, and In many different forms. Many of these are usually depended on and Included In personal lives, being utilized for entertainment, work, communication, and education as tar as news and Information gathering. ” Further, he states that mass media Is everywhere, at this point you can’t escape It.

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Mass media is everywhere in modern life. Many people believe that media is just in advertisements and promotions. However, according to Earners in his Hub Pages article, “Mass Media and its Influence on Society,” “Over time, this technological media entity has become mammoth and omnipresent. It is everywhere you go, finds its way into most of what you do, and even provides you sometimes, with what you need; almost becoming a cybernetic surrogate mother we all readily accept without much question.

Apparently, technology and mass media are accompanying each other in the influence on society. The big media problem hasn’t always been an issue, in fact it used to not exist before civilization had the opportunity to broadcast an image, title, or symbol across the globe with an ease. Not only has availability increased, but programming is increasingly diverse shows aimed to please all ages, incomes, and background. This availability and exposure makes television the primary focus of most mass media.

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