Effects of Mass Media Hum Assignment

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Another printing no more hand-written assignments or business presentations and sat television has definitely change the way we get information from around the world in minutes. Internet has definitely changed the way we communicate, learn and even shop. It has become the best way to spread information whether It be fact or fiction. Whereas before we would have to Walt for tomorrow newspaper for the news, now with a click of a button you get information around the world.

Most newspapers now have websites in order to compete against all other news sources and media frenzy created by the rapid change in technology, and Just as with every new innovation it moms with own set of hoaxes and fallacies. With the invention of cellular phones and the Introduction to the Internet to this devices Is even easier to keep in touch and browse the web without the need of a bulky computer, people share photos and vacation trips in the social sites as well as send important information to their companies or organizations.

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As found in (wick. Answers. Com). The Internet allows people to more easily work from their home, to form and sustain friendships and even romantic attachments from their home, to bank from their home, to vote and engage in political and social issue based discussions with others from home. Although this Is a great tool to Interact with others this does not allow for face to face with others face to face. Reading a series of longitudinal and experimental studies (e. . McKenna, Green, and Gleason), who test a theory of relationship formation on the Internet, these researchers directly address the argument that the psychological quality of Internet social interaction is lower than is the psychological quality of traditional face-to-face interaction. The printing press gives the world a consistent look, prior to this the individual hand written text or looks would be consistent and full of writing and grammar errors.

Now the tools that we encounter in our computers help dismissed most punctuation and grammar errors this has definitely increase the literacy by making books, newspaper and articles in the internet available to people. This helps understand the way the author is trying to communicate and it also enhances the overall reading experience of the reader. As Rosenthal writes “The reader reacts to he words on the page one way rather than another because he operates according to the same set of rules that the author use to generate them” (Rosenthal, 1964, p. 7). Printing Also changed the relationship between teacher and student and the way research is undertaken. ” In the new print era, scholarly reading is viewed as authorship of original material and scholarly reading came to mean the gathering comprehending and making use of information from variety of sources this laying the basis of modern scholarship. “(Sentient, 1979).

Television is constantly present in our everyday life at least for a few hours, because of its interesting visual and entertaining ways it keeps people attentively watching. Television can also influence viewers’ attitude and behavior as well as beliefs about themselves and other cultures. Television also now plays an important role on politics, for example running candidates can present the reasons views and beliefs on why we should elect them and this makes a sometimes controversial conversations with friends or family.

With the use of paid marketing television influences people in adhering the latest gadgets or biggest television set or making them part of the materialist world that has become a symbol of success for many. Back in the ass’ there was not as much variety as we have today, we have channels such as education channels, multicultural channels, sport channels, music channels, and channels in different languages. Besides the English speaking channels the most popular are the Spanish speaking channels due to the vast Hispanic culture present in the USA.

With media convergence technology is increasing the ways we use mass media in our everyday lives converging the computer with your cellular phone to smart television and tablets so people can connect with the world where ever they are the channels of technology are closing and the access to mass media is easier every day. Away people can use this innovations to mass produce work from home or Just connect with friends and family around the world is way to keep connected. One problem would be to keep up with the everyday changing technology world for some is very easy for others they are still discovering how to send an email or a simple text.

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