Effects of Mass Media Paper Assignment

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As Americans we think we are individuals. Theirs TV everywhere, you can get real sucked in by it. We get influenced by the mass media. You might claim your individuality by the music you listen to, the movies and television shows you watch, and things you read. These things can have a big affect on you and your life. You might think you have your own style, but you really donate. There is lots of information in society. We live in the information age. Modern societies could not be imagined without mass communication.

Television, newspapers, the radio and the Internet are the main sources of information for citizens all around the globe. Therefore they are limited to the information they receive. One must learn how to keep up with technology. This affects people who do not have time or that really do not want to learn it. These people make a choice not to evolve with technology and cause many others to suffer because of it. Other ways it has affected everyday life is by technology advancing such as going from paying everything with cash to banks using checks for purchases.

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They now have debt and credit cards available instead of checks. There are older people who are not comfortable using these types of payments. This limits them on where they can make purchases instead they should be taught how to use them correctly so they to can have full access. Radio lost a lot of listeners when television started. Television was able to broadcast news and media so therefore causing radio stations to lose money and forced cutbacks. The Internet has returned us to a democratic media on a minimal level.

People are able to do extensive and thorough research on the parties or the people running for office. To an extent, the Internet allows for more transparency, thus the control of information by the government is still imminent. The influence media has on elections is evident and very persuasive. There are people in society that still does not trust the media or elections. If you think about it, it has taken many years for people of color to be able to vote. There is many that still feel that his or her vote does not count, therefore not partaking in the voting process.

It seems to be a correlation between media, voting, and overall elections. In my opinion, that is where the line is drawn for the people. I feel it is a false sense of control for the people. It appears that we have a voice in important issues and matters but that is not at all the case. This new source of information is a huge effect on not only American culture, but the entire world. Media can influence the opinions f people in severe ways, both good and bad, for example government influence on media can sway the opinions of the people exposed to that specific media.

In conclusion, having spoken about modern mass media, and the factors which influence the process of reflecting the reality it is necessary to make a conclusion. From my point of view, the main function of mass media should be Just the reflection of reality, without any interpretations, adaptations and other means of misleading the people. With the development of such sciences as psychology and political science, politicians and other authoritative individuals have learned how to control people’s minds by means of mass media.

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