Compare the Marketing Techniques Assignment

Compare the Marketing Techniques Assignment Words: 441

Creating some new products which are belong to their brand. I Publishing new collections to market in a season or yearly. They change style, color, kind of I Strategies I Selling them in the old market with low price and same I fabric, shape, etc to attract people in the old market. Changing all the time and making some I I I quality. I new things are the ways to develop products.

Which strategies are usually application for the I I fashion industry. I Similarity: This marketing strategy makes firms have diversity large product which easy to meet need of customers, attract them buy goods. It reduces risks in I I I business by dividing it into many different part. Both company succeed with this because they made it suitable for their business. I Market development I Co. Pop mart opened an agency in Hanoi after a long term I When Viet fashion affirmed a steady position of fashion industry in

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Vietnam, then they expand I I I developing strongly in South of Vietnam. I Branding I their system to other area like EX., Asia, Middle East, etc. I Co. Pop mart is the supermarket so they can’t make a completely I Owing to the brand reputation, Viet fashion concentrate on extending brand by produce products I I I new products. They Just expand products by import more brand I line. In addition, it also created some new brand name to respond with many different customers I I name for choosing of consumers.

Beside that, they manufacture Segment. More I Choose than before. Some produces as their brand name. Therefore, buyer have Similarity: According to two brand’s slogan of Co. Pop mark “Co. Pop is the friend of every house” and Viet fashion “The customers is always right”. Those can I I Show clearly the criterion of a brand. Which try to make people feel friendly. They build their image like a close friend with customers. Then, the customers I I Ill think of them at first when they decided to buy goods or clothes.

Branding strongly influence in buyer behavior. It’ll bring a big benefit for firm long I I Time later. I I Relationship Marketing I Similarity: Creating and keeping the relationship between company and buyers are very importance for the long term development of company. Both the business I I I have “Loyalty’ program which give more option and benefit for customers in member. Understanding clearly the important of relationship between a firm and I so enterprises always put customer’s benefit on top.

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