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VB Background on Company Known as one Australia’s favrouite full strength beer, Victroia Bitter or ‘VB’ has preluded to become Australia’s Blue Collar beer, or ‘the tradies beer’. Victoria Bitter is a part of the ‘foster’s group’ which is the leading aclohol company in Australia and the Pacific. Dating back to the 1890s, Style: full strength bitter lager Alcohol: 4. 6% Carbs: 3 grams/100mL Energy: 165 kilojoules/100mL; 39 calories/100mL Standard drinks: 1. 4 per 375mL, 2. 8 per 750mL Available: on tap, 250mL, 375mL and 750mL bottles and 375mL cans Get the VB tone for powerpoint VB adapts to changes in the environment’ is an article designed to evoke the adpatable company that which ‘VB’ is. The article demonstrates the changing market, portraying how the average aussie bloke (VB’s target market) has become no longer just a blue collar worker that requires “a hard earned thirst”, but is now extended to a more” urban and ritual and require no-collar rather than a blue collar. ” Also demonstrated is the marketing scheme in which VB has followed, this includes a Roy Morgan research that has suggest the key attirbutes to VB’s key market.

In contrast to the article main point of a adaptable and versitle company, note that the well-known slogan ‘for a hard earned thirst’ has remained unchanged since 1968. The beer formula also remains unchanged. This is used to instigate to readers, that the company still has ‘heart’ and is preluded to no matter what stick to their roots. In conclusion the article has stated the flexibility of Victoria Bitter, and how in this ever-changing environment it can always change it’s company image and target market to appeal to this dramatic change of the ‘average guy’.

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INCLUDE BULLET POINTS ON THIS TO MAKE IT LONGER Q2, You need to scan and analyse your environment, In your opinion, what are the five key environmental trends that will impact VB in the Near* Futur*e ‘For a Hard Earned Thirst’ has been the brought about the key image and initial branding of the companies since the 1890’s. They have five main key environmental trends that will impact on their company in the near future. Some of these factors include: the potentially growing image of the fashion consious man, mostly known as “Metro’s”.

This image is everything the VB company is not, and would not be seen as the target market for VB but essentially the opposite. Unless VB is able to change it’s company image within the next few years to broaden their range of market, this growing trend my result in a great reduce in sales of the product and VB’s initial target market may perhaps become a minority. Another Key environmental trend that is changing dramatically is the increasing demand for healthier substitute for food and drink. We all have a need to look younger, healthier, and more energetic.

This has become more important as life expectancy rates have risen over the years. With people living longer, there has become a greater focus on healthier lifestyles and in turn a growth in the industries that cater to the health conscious. This growing trend of a health consious society could dramatically decrease the number of beer drinkers, or turn current beer drinkers to choose lower carb beers thus making VB’s healthier competitors regain lost market share and take many of VB’s initial loyal customers.

Citing extensice data availability has also become an issue for VB as well, VB is currently a Home drinkers drink and is usually only purchased at some Pub’s and liquor stores. Yet is not usually available in bars and club’s to appeal to the younger market. This escalating trend of Bar’s and clubs becoming the main source of buying from customers, potentially the beer market is becoming less available and less appealing to the younger market, spirits and such are increasinlgly becoming the main choice for the majority of today’s alcoholic drinkers. insert some evidence here’ The GFC has also become an issue in regards to “VB”, AsMost companies have been dramatically affected by VB has had a dramatic decrease in sales. Due to lower wages and general money problems, society has been forced to discipline their money spending and become less able to buy menial wants such as alcoholic bevarges. During this time people may have to spend that ‘Friday night’ at home rather then going out and spending their money on alcohol. This has taken a great toll on VB thus have less customers and less money spent on beer.

But the GFC has not been the only changing impact on VB. Binge Drinking worries have been climbing as have the continuing advertisement introducing people to the dangers and worries of ‘Binge drinking’, ad campaigns such as the ‘Don’t turn a night out, into a night mare’ have been primarily aimed at binge drinkers, many of which include VB’s target market. This has reduced a target market of VB to become more socially aware on the affects of alcohol thus, spending less money on alocohilic beverage; such as ‘VB’.

These ads have been designed to reduce the number of drinkers in todays society especially in the younger, more social drinkers. These five key elements have all been a changing trend that havegreatly affected ‘VB’ and the Foster’s Group. If VB’s chooses not to follow these trends it may result in a primarily negative result to the company, Their Target market is obviously needed to be adjusted or expanded in the near future in revamp sales and continue a superior company revanue.

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