Marketing and Victoria Court Group Assignment

Marketing and Victoria Court Group Assignment Words: 340

Victoria Court drive-in Hotel and Restaurant is a chain of full service motels in Metro Manila Catering mostly to the upper income market. The traditional market of drive-in hotels and motels are Paeans room, mobile suite, etc. ) for three hours. In early sass’s, Victoria Court embarked on an aggressive campaign to attract two additional segments of the market: The Husband and Wife; and The Party Market. Their mission is to slowly transform their image to one that issued predominantly for estimate purposes such as for resting, or for group social occasions.

They have also acquired Hotel La Carolina located in busy Eremite in Manila and was affiliated with the Best Western International Hotel Group. A) Identify the needs and wants of each of the three market segments targeted by Victoria Group. Answer: The 3 Market Segments: A. Drive-in Hotel & Restaurant * Convenient food’s * Comfortable atmosphere * Quality service * Well accommodation * Standardization of equipments/materials * Quality employees B. The Husband & Wife Comfortable place * Convenient rooms or suites for spare time * Well-organized * Well-groom bed for resting * Pleasant and clean comforters, bed sheets, etc.

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C. The Party Market * Well-accommodation * Comfortable place/atmosphere * Well-organized materials * Complete facilities *Qualitative b)Who are their main competitors for each market segments? > Drive-in Hotel & Restaurant * Famous Hotels & Restaurants establishment (5 Star Hotel, International) * Malls * Stable business establishment nearby * Location of TA regret ) Given the traditional image of motels, do you agree with the segmentation strategy utilized by the Victoria Court Group? Why or Why not ? Yes why not,we agree with the segmentation strategy utilized by the Victoria Court Group because the image of Victoria Court Group before are only for a “lovers”, nowadays the people’s are looking or searching for another types of rooms,that more convenient,more relaxing,more fun and exceptional theme. Thus,their trilled other market segment that would be accessible to the public,the husband and wife racket and party market ,their goal was to transform the image of Victoria Court Group from bad image unto good drive-in-hotel.

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