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Chose the social media marketing channels and formulate a marketing mix 3. Whether to create a page so as to carry forward the fan base for future installments of the film? Case information: The case provides a detail information on the market size of the Indian film industry and a background and historical information about the Hindi film industry ‘Plywood’. It also indicates the basic difference between Hollywood and Plywood with the former being made for a global audience and the latter was targeting a local audience.

However there is a recent change in trend to focus on variety of genres and efforts to cater to a global audience. The case revolves around a horror film ‘1920 Evil Returns’ and the presence of horror film was subtle in Plywood until the revival of this genre during the first decade of 21st century. Many franchises were entering into horror films and sequels were being made on the hit ones, in this line 1920 Evil returns is a sequel to the film 1920 released in 2008.

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For the movie promotion which does not have a heavy cast crew the social media marketing primarily used faceable and Youth and twitter was not concentrated much as the actors don’t have a huge follow up. The film was a critical success and a sequel has been produced as ‘1920 London’, t this point the marketing partner has to evaluate the previous marketing strategy and formulate a plan for marketing this new film. Social Media Marketing: Social media is measurable in terms of active engagement and is one of the fastest growing media. India has 80. Million active internet users in urban population. Among this active usurers millions uses social media platform. Email was the highly used among all social networking groups Of total 80. 2 million active internet users 39. 7 million users access internet from their mobile phone. In India top 8 metro institutes 34% of active internet users whereas remaining 66% of users are from small towns and villages. In Social networking site usages Faceable tops by 97% of active internet users followed by Google+ (34%) and then Linked (17%) Digital advertising industry is expected to grow at 32. % by 2017 which is highest among all M industry General benefits from Social media marketing: 92% of marketers agreed that social media is important for their business, up from 86% in 2013. 92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have enervated more exposure for their businesses. 80% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts increased traffic. 72% of marketers are using social media to develop loyal fans. 71% of marketers are using social media to gain marketplace intelligence.

More than half of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least three years report it has helped them improve sales. 74% of marketers who spend 40+ hours using social media per week earn new business through their efforts. 95% of marketers who use social media at least 6 hours per week indicated their social Edie efforts increased exposure for their businesses. Nearly half of those who spend at least six hours per week on social media efforts saw a benefit of reduced marketing expenses. More than 58% of marketers who have been using social media for one year or longer improved search engine rankings.

Source: http:// blob. Hubbubs. Com/marketing/social-media-ROI-stats Review of the channels used for promoting ‘1920 Evil Returns’ Faceable Faceable plays a major role in the social media marketing, from the extract c we can see that internet activity predominant among the age group 18 to 35 years and error genre is mainly targeting this age group and from exhibit AAA, it is clear that almost 72% internet users go for social networking and Faceable is obviously the predominant social networking platform With 1. 8 billion monthly active users, Faceable is the world’s largest social network For the last movie promotion 40% of the likes on videos were contributed by faceable ads and remaining 60% were organically generated likes Customer engagement without irritating by maintaining with Three to four daily posts Content strategy – announcements, sharing movie stills, lolls creation This also enables to use the hit posters later in the print for promoting Also used for promoting Youth videos, helpful as adult related videos were not allowed to be promoted using paid advertisements Suggestions More holistic usage of faceable insights to promote the film to the right set of people More online competitions could be conducted to improve the engagement You tube as a platform The theatrical trailer received around 1,621,797 views and it had been watched for around 2,500,675 minutes in 2 months It now has 2714 likes, 331 dislikes and 753 moments. The views were mainly from sources like face book (35. 9%) and Google (34. 9%) Male viewers is around 76% out of which, the majority of them were between the ages 25-34 whereas the dominant proportion of female viewers are in between the age group of 13-17. Uses You tube is a platform that creates huge impact in the minds of the viewers. The trailer is an opportunity to introduce the audience to important characters (if appropriate) from you tube videos. Videos through you tube also tells the audience why they should be watch the movie after its release. This is also exciting which is what makes them so engaging.

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