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The reason why because it will give the large amount of seniors that come to her restaurant an alternative choice of doing meeting else instead of just sitting in the one spot for two hours. If Lisa choose to continue with the diversification then she should $5 dollars per car whenever the seniors come and play bingo; instead of charging $5 dollars per bingo card. So whenever the cars get mark with a marker, then you will have to buy new cards. Lisa should also Include a senior lunch specials to get more cash out of them. This discount would be salary to the senior breakfast special.

As stated in the book diversification can be successful In many business only If strategy Is both planned and executed right. . With respect to market segmentation, which process Is most important in this case? Discuss all that apply. The process in the market segmentation that is most important in this case is demographic because it includes age and focus on the seniors. Demographic since the case relate to seniors, then you have the younger customers. The younger customers want to get their food and go, unlike the older people who want to stay.

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Lisa should consider both of these age groups and everybody in between as not to alienate her current or any future potential customers. Also both cultural and social lay a role In this case as well. Do to the fact that the restaurant is being crowded with seniors for two hours, many of the other customers are considering not eating at this particular restaurant. When the other customers come to this restaurant and see It full of seniors, It will affect their decision or choice to come back. As stated In the case the age group that comes to the restaurant is 55 and older.

When other customers see this they will think that this restaurant is just satisfying their needs instead of their needs as well. This can also effect other potential customers from miming to this restaurant and getting anything to eat once they see all the seniors. 3. How is Lisa Beam’s marketing strategy being implemented? I think her strategy is being implemented fine because it will make her restaurant the only place where they offer seniors an activity for their entertainment. I think that Lisa need to improve on her market strategy being implemented more.

One way Lisa can implement her marketing strategy is by doing promotion for the seniors. Lisa could use one or more of the selling promotion methods to reach out to her senior customers. One of the promotion method that Lisa could use Is mass selling, the rod mass selling. Lisa could get the large amount of seniors that come to her restaurant go in the back room, then talk to them about the activity or new activities offering more than Just bingo, she can offer other activities for the seniors who come to her restaurant. For example, she can offer the seniors to come and watch classic television shows and movies.

Lisa can also offer another activities that they like or enjoy such as: playing cards and playing checkers if they don’t like to Just play bingo all the time. 4. Should McDonald’s allow modification of its basic strategies to suit coal conditions? Yes, because it is the employees who give the advice to the customers to come back again. Lisa Beam’s would like to modify her restaurant for the seniors and make a little bit more money between AAA. M. To 1 la. M. With her bingo idea where food and drinks by starting a bingo hall at her restaurant.

Her change are reasonable with the price and prizes since she is trying to keep it as legal as she can while using her party area in her restaurant. I think other restaurants like Lisa should give this bingo concept a try because it might be able to help their business make more profit. Some cuisines should keep the concept for good because their business might not be as busy or bring in as many customers as a normal restaurant would. Once they try the bingo concept then they should consider getting all employees option whether they should keep it for good, don’t keep, or keep it as a temporary thing. . Does Mamma’s current strategy improve McDonald’s image? I agree that Mamma’s current strategy improve McDonald’s image. One reason why I agree with the strategy because it improve the seniors’ communication because it gives them a place where they can feel comfortable, especially when seniors isn’t consider people anymore. This restaurant gives them a chance to socialize with other seniors to talk about the grandkids and the great-grandkids. When seniors are around each other it will give them a bond like others have, some might talk about their decease spouse or love ones.

An atmosphere where there are only seniors will give them an opportunity to talk or start a conversation about subject they like to talk about. 6. Does this case show that a particular business may have create and implement several strategies at the same time? Yes, because business may have to create and implement several strategies such as: bingo game charging five dollars err person for the two hour period and running it with two neutralizes employees. Businesses want to make sure that there business is safe and secure for other customers.

For example, some of them even took away outside items that kids like to ride in. They did this to make sure that the kids didn’t fall down and get hurt. When businesses take away those items it save the business a lot of money and problems, some of the problems that were prevented by taking away the outside items that kids like to ride in were: lawsuits, liabilities, and shutting down business. Whenever anybody goes to some McDonald’s restaurants those items aren’t outside for the kids to play with. 7. Does this case make the point that market-oriented strategy planning is not Just a big manufacturer activity?

Yes, it makes a good point in the market-oriented strategy for seniors and it will keep the seniors happy; therefore, a drawback to this strategy is that it could hurt her business. I think that it should be okay for a while with an add revenue to make the seniors and whoever wants to stop by the restaurant to eat and play bingo. However, this would satisfy the seniors wants for now until she figure out another strategy. The play bingo. Then she need to figure out what days she will receive the most seniors and what hours are coming in the most.

Once she figure out those important facts, then she can figure out the rest of what she has to do. 8. Specifically, what should Amah do? To make sure that the drawback doesn’t hurt her business, Lisa should have some type of agreement that have the bingo concept for a limited time in her restaurant for the seniors. The agreement should include that bingo would be at the restaurant for 2 or 3 months out of the year for the seniors. After, each senior read the agreement they should sign and date that they understand the terms of the agreement.

Also on the agreement there should a line where a witness could sign to verify that someone was there to see the actually where there. This is to make sure that her other customers doesn’t feel uncomfortable or left out because they feel like the seniors are taking over. It would also give her other customers a chance to get back to the restaurant that they are used to without the invasion of seniors. The idea that Lisa has come up with for seniors are great, but without both seniors and her in between customers her business wouldn’t profit.

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