Marketing a Local Brand Overseas Assignment

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The biggest product of beer in the world, ABA Ellen, started importing Corona from Mexico to sell it in Brazil as a “super premium” product. The prices of these types of beer are revolving in between the three or five dollars, and because Brazil not only has a 15 to 20 percent of its total market in beer, but it is also the third biggest beer production of the world. And to complete the points in favor Brazil spend 5. 5 million of dollars in imported beer this is because the community from Brazil uses this beverage as a common companion or their meals when going out in groups.

The explicative of the essay is to prove that we could market Educate in Brazil and that this is a better option rather than to market it in Russia, that would be more expensive and give the company Caughtmock Mastectomy less profit than in Brazil. 2. 0 Methods To reach the conclusion that Educate was the best brand to market outside form Mexico, in Brazil I first looked to how it was developing in other countries, it is the second Mexican leading beer in the USA (Satanist. Com) behind Corona which is the one already being marketed in Brazil.

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Although this gave me a pretty good idea, it was not enough to ensure the popularity of this beer; I conducted an interview in my community to see which one was the favorite beer for my local population. It revealed that Educate is the most popular beer in my community being the one that the majority of the population buys and in the whole country is ranked number four favorite beer for the Mexicans. This results where more accurate because of the similarities in my country and Brazil, in culture, personalities, weather, etc. I also utilized the web site information. X to know the status of how well was Brazil doing n the economics evolving around the beer, and more specifically, Mexican beer.

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