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Mistakes but with mistakes gain wisdom then knowledge. We don’t gain knowledge overnight but with growth we become more aware of our worldview. 5. What is your basis of ethics? My basics of ethics was taught by my grandma she instilled a lot of her values and morals in my life giving me the teachings that made her a bright woman. She made sure to start on me early by getting me involved in church and helping me understand my religion and god and what he expects from his people.

I was told to become a leader and not a follower use gods power that he using in my life to restore and help those who may be broken in life. I always ask god if I’m unsure I understand in this world of many temptations we may fall but our god isn’t a Judging god and will be there with open ears and arms to help you get it right if you want change. I am not perfect but I pay attention I know right from wrong and know I am help accountable for my actions and faults. And have god move in my life and guide me in right direction. 6. What is your purpose?

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My purpose on this life I am still trying to discover and figure out I am getting closer to god and asking him to come into my life and help redefine me and use him to his will. So far I feel my purpose is to be a mother and also help inspire others who feel they can’t succeed in life. I am that person who makes people day when they feel down I use the wisdom I was taught to help reign upon those who lose hope. My purpose is to live the best life possible and to touch others around me so when my day comes to pass I want to be remembered for my legacy and the positive things and people life I have changed around me.

So I start on me and my Journey with the lord before I can help and inspire others. Part 2 Answer the following two questions with a 250-400 word response for each: 1 . Your answers to the questions in Part 1 form the basis of your worldview. Now that you have articulated your worldview, evaluate it according to the Practical Test, described in chapter 2 of the textbook and the lecture. Can you live your worldview out in the world as we know it? Why or why not?

Yes it’s possible to live your worldview out in the world as we know it because no matter what you believe in my world I know if I allow god in my life he who works against me shall prosper I have strong belief and faith and do not allow anyone to change or condemn my beliefs because they aren’t sure or unaware of theirs. Everyone is entitled to their way of life. I understand there will be many challenges because for example I watch a show called prancing elites which are African American men who dances in mobile Alabama and sexuality preference is to be gay.

They are told they will go to hell no one wants to see them in women clothing, they burned up there house, parents won’t accept them, and they aren’t able to display their talent because there choice of sexuality. That would be hard because they see there self as regular people may have same values and looks on life as anyone but here choice on who to love is different they feel that it’s hard to overcome but are fighting to be seen and heard now they have a show who could possibly change the views too lot of people.

I’m not a Judger I feel if it’s not me doing it what others do is there choice why does it affect you allow god to be the Judge don’t Judge for him we can miss out on so many friendships and relationships based off our beliefs but we have to sometime dumb it down because you can meet some amazing people. I feel if you stay faithful to your worldview, fight for your beliefs, and let god shine in your life oh can live your life the way you want because they talked about Jesus Christ and he prevailed we can overcome it to you Just have to be strong and not break.

You as a person have to realize your own strength and power and use gods purpose to over shine the people who don’t believe in you. 2. Reflect on your current understanding of the Christian faith. In other words, what is the essence of the Christian worldview? How does one become a Christian? Everyone has a worldview but to become a Christian the essence of our worldview is that we are told to love god with our hearts and soul and also our minds. We are to think we the mind of Christ not to Judge, abuse, but remain obedient to his word.

Our worldview isn’t Just based off of theory, personal faith or expression it’s our way of life and what shapes us as people. We believe in the creator all mighty our father god created the heaven and earth and is what who holds all things together. God is faithful, loving, merciful, graceful, good, holy, and righteous. We see life as a sequence of meaningful events leading to god’s purpose in life we do not alienate our self as sinners but see us all as equal when it comes to sin no sin is better than he other.

As a Christian we see life in a more coherent way seeing the world in a more distinctive way from naturalism, materialism, polytheism, materialism and much more. We offer meaning and purpose to all life. The way we develop our worldview is the values, attitudes, habits you develop, characteristics, and background in order to become a Christian we uplift others and bring god upon our life to help others who are down and need to find faith and love in their life.

We have to accept god’s gift and glory, understand that our penalty for our sin is death, and understand we cannot measure of to god holiness but our god is a forgiving god and accepts those who want change. Being a Christian is not Just going to church but a personal relationship that last an eternity. We look at it as living an eternity in hell or heaven we choose or destination based off our actions we believe god looks at your heart making sure it was in the right place before passing. John 5:11-13 god has giving us eternal life and this life is in his son. He who has the son has life he who does not have the son of god does not have life.

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