Mass Media Assignment

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Mass media refers to communication devices, which can be used to communicate and interact with a large number of audiences in deferent languages. In earlier days, news used to reach people only with the morning newspaper. But nowadays we have lots of different types of mass media. Newspaper were the first. They occupies a leading position among the masses media a long time ago. They contain Important information about the life around. Apart from this, it also includes topics which are in lighter vein like cartoons, crosswords, Kudos, movie reviews, book reviews, puzzles, crosswords, etc.

But with he advent of the Internet, is just a click away, and the popularity of newspapers has reduced. Radio lost its popularity with the boom of television. But till day, radio remains one of the favorite means of electronic communication. Moreover, it is an interactive means of communication with all the dial-in programs which give the listeners an opportunity to feature on radio. The next was TV. For many people, it is impossible to imagine a life without their television sets, be it the daily news, or even the soap operas. Television Entertains me. I can watch deferent films, my favorite TV – orgasm ( comedy or documented show).

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With the help of television I always keep up news of my country, Like erroneous and first Russian channel. Now I would Like to tell you about one of the biggest type of MM. Internet has opened up several new opportunities for mass communication which include email, websites, bedposts, e- forums, e-books, blobbing, Internet TV, and many others which are booming today. Internet has easy navigation. You can find everything about mass media here beginning from simple news-articles, videos. You can create special forums which includes latest news, gossips. This is the most important device of the new age media.

The discovery of Internet can be called the biggest invention in mass media. Magazines are another type of popular culture print media. Magazines are available with different themes like business, balance, consumers, gadgets, self-help, luxury, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, entertainment, travel, etc The frequency of magazines can be weekly, fortnightly, bal-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. I like reading magazines about fashion, psychology and Interesting people. I try to find information about my favorite film stars, their life, new receipts, advice.

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