Hatred Assignment

Hatred Assignment Words: 453

Weird Kid and Thunder and Lightning are all stories where evil and hatred take place in different forms. The theme of hatred can be seen in Lasagna’s Poem, Weird Kid and Thunder and Lightning Hated is evident in the short story Lasagna’s Poem. Firstly, Alexandra was often bullied at her school; her classmates called her name and made fun of her appearance. Lasagna’s classmates bullied her, which is a form of showing hatred towards someone.

Secondly, Lasagna’s father was a very cruel and vicious man, he often hurt Alexandra verbally. When Alexandra lost the poetry contest he showed hatred towards Alexandra and her poem by burning it on a stove top, yelling at Alexandra and storming out of the house. Lastly when Elaine won the poetry contest over Alexandra, Alexandra began to hate Elaine. Alexandra shunned Elaine in school and ignored any other contact Elaine tried to make. For these reasons hatred is shown in Lasagna’s Poem.

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Weird Kid also shows hatred. For example, the entire antagonist’s; Tim Chuckwalla, Ben McFarland, Tries Klein and Jennifer Small all hated Babe’s Story. They showed they hated ABA by sharing pastimes of mean and cruel things such as; telling her that Ben had a crush on her, when he did not like her at all, having her humiliate herself in front of the whole cafeteria and not letting her be in their group for an assignment. Also Babe’s hated the popular kids.

This is shown when she trashed the entire classroom and framed Tim, Ben, Tries and Jean. Finally, in a flashback Jean says that Tries was acting weird and she got very angry. Jean then decided to invite Babe’s to the mall to get back at Tries for acting like she hated Jean. In these ways hatred is found in the story Weird Kid. Finally, hatred is shown in Moonbeam. For example, Moonbeam was a very well loved boy until he was sick, the town then slowly drifted away from him, then when he got better they loved him again.

Moonbeam then turned sick again and the town then Egan to shun him, showing hatred by slashing his car’s tires setting his families shed on fire and not buying from his families business anymore. Lastly, the town hated Alien Moonbeam, because he was seen with Moonbeam, this is prejudiced. They showed they had hatred towards him by make snide comments when he was in town. As shown revenge is found in Moonbeam. Overall, hatred is common in all of these stories, by actions and words. The theme of hatred is shown in Lasagna’s Poem, Weird Kid and Thunder and Lightning.

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