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Assignment: Is it best to forget about past mistakes as soon as possible? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations. Our past failures are beneficial lessons, but only when we approach them with the right mindset. This meaner we should learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward, rather than dwell on our blunders. By confronting and mending their errors, Thomas Edison created the first light bulb and Emir redeems himself from his sins.

On the other hand, by constantly living in the faults of her youth, Amanda sets up her own demise. Thomas Edison made a conscious choice not to linger over his failures despite 10,000 unsuccessful prototypes. Instead, he turned each failed experiment into a learning experience. Every prototype that didn’t work out was Just one step closer to the answer. His persistence, despite so many setbacks, gave us the world’s first working light bulb. In the face of adversity, Thomas Edison never let any missteps stop him from reaching his goal.

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Emir, like Thomas Edison, did not back down from the missteps he had made as a child. He atones for them by Journeying to Afghanistan to rescue the son of his childhood friend, Hosannas. Emir had watched Has being raped as a child, but did nothing to stop it. Returning to Afghanistan was his chance to relieve overwhelming guilt. Many mental and physical struggles came with rescuing Hessian’s son, but his success was rewarded. This experience not only allowed him to grow as a person, but also enabled him to reach a peace of mind.

Emir did not let guilt overwhelm him. Instead he compensated for his neglect, which provided a sense of closure to a previous chapter in his life, allowing him to move on to the next. Madman’s reaction to her mistakes is very different from those of Edison and Emir. She drowns in her own self-pity for past aberrations. She constantly tells her children glorified stories of her youth, in which gentlemen callers were always visiting her. Unfortunately, she had made a mistake in choosing to marry their father who abandoned the family.

Rather than finding a solution to her problems, Amanda wells on memories of her supposedly lavish childhood, causing her to neglect caring for her own children. In the end, Madman’s preoccupation with the illusions she created causes her family to fall apart. She let previous errors pull her away from what really mattered. Our past mistakes are only there to serve as guidance, to help us perfect the route to reach our final destination. Therefore, it is not the hindrances that we should scrutinize. Instead we must focus on the positive aspects and how we can improve further upon them.

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