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Coming into a research writing class was all I had been looking forward since I love researching things and finding ewe information that I never knew existed from topics that are familiar. By using researching skills, our given task is the research assignment on a specific topic, which helps students learn to synthesize, analyze and interpret information using appropriate disciplinary content and methodology.

Through out the assignments, I find that researching and writing competence is the ability to find, evaluate, use and communicate information in all of its various formats such as reference in books, Journals, magazines or the internet. It represents the integration f library literacy, computer literacy, media literacy, ethics, critical thinking and communication skills. My researching skills also improved a great deal during this assignment. Now that I use a larger variety sources, I can better understand the topic that I am writing about.

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Other than researching and writing, primary research by gathering information through interview, questionnaire and survey or laboratory experiments have taken me to a new level in doing research. On my third week I learned that using the library online resource can provide students with a more valuable learning experience and using appropriate encyclopedia. This course has also helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses on writing structure and techniques in comparing, contrasting and commentary.

When my assignment task given, there were a couple of times I struggled and one of them was when I had to choose a topic I could argue in my argument paper. In my case, it has to be related to university student or film since I am a university student who is studying in film. Also, through this class, I have discovered my studying habits. I realized that I am a more of a social leaner, one who prefers to learn in groups and monomaniac with others. I am able to doing assignment by constantly seeking motivation through group studies with friends.

This has not only helped me to learn better but also strengthened my bounds with them. There were plenty of things I learned in this class, some I learned to refine, others were completely new to me. I learned how to clearly state my thesis, refine my information and how to present it so as to have a smooth effect on the context. I also refined my paraphrasing skills, and how to cut them to be short, simple and to the point. I learned many things in this course, both about my topic and how to refine my argument to be more effective.

The knowledge I gained from researching was very interesting and suspiring at the same time. My researching topic has forced me to do far more research on what I focusing and most importantly, made me think about the facts that I researched. It helped me to apply the thing that I was researching. This way, I would learn more about the topic. Knowing more about the topic made my research assignment far easier. It helped me to develop more points and come to a good conclusion.

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