Hardest to hear Assignment

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What was the “hardest to hear” sound that you recorded? (Which sound was the “softest” or “most faint” that you could still discern? ) The hardest sound to hear was a siren in the distance. The most faint was kids playing, while the softest was the buzz of the air conditioner unit working. 2) What sounds had the highest pitch? (Say, a light breeze. That’s only one example) The highest pitch sound was from a motorcycle driving down my street. 3) Which had the lowest pitch?

Perhaps a car engine, or many other possibilities) The lowest pitch was from a plane flying above. 4) How many sounds were natural and how many were produced by human activities? I would say the majority of the sounds that I heard had been produced from human activities, rather than nature. 5) How did you identify the sources? (You might also read this question as “how did you know what was producing each sound you heard”? ) I know what sounds were produced from what source by past knowledge, sight, smell, and hearing.

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I saw the plane, motorcycle, and birds and squirrels. I heard kids and sirens. 6) What equipment could you have used to make even better observations? A telescope or binoculars would have come in handy to verify the source of the noises. Activity 2 7) In addition to what you saw, did you detect any smells? Describe them. At what point in the observation process did you detect them? I did smell grass, since it had just been cut before doing my observation assignment. I also smelled gasoline from the motorcycle when it passed. If you used the candle, what color was the molten wax? If you looked at something shape, size, etc. The color of the candle wax was white, with a cylinder shape, waxy smooth texture, and about six inches in length with a cone top melting into a smooth cavern like circle on top. 9) Describe any patterns you observed. (the smoke from the extinguished candle, the movement of the clouds for the environment activity, etc. )

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