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Behavior Creative Thinking Assignment Migrating animals signify the lack of belonging. Similarly, globalization has resulted in international citizens that country hop to wherever opportunities arise. Citizens may not feel the need to be responsible as their stay in Dragonhead might Just be temporal. As approximately two out of seven of the population are foreigners, failure to address their indifference towards the nation’s vision of becoming a ‘City of Garden and Water’ will significantly hinder Dragonfly’s progress towards it.

To address this, government can increase their stake hold by encouraging them to purchase a house and settle down in Dragonhead. This can be done by enticing them to apply for citizenship in order to enjoy certain perks such as healthcare. Animals on land did not settle inland but skirt the shores and are tending back to sea. Similarly, people tend to revert back to their old ways as it is difficult to adopt a new way of thinking and doing things. This shows an inherent tendency in people to regress.

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This problem can be mitigated through having community centre organism jugular activities to continuously involve the community in the nation’s green effort and rewarding volunteers. Animals from higher up the food chain have reached shore while those below are drowning suggest an inequality of education in Dragonhead. Inequality of education will serve as a barrier against the illiterate who are unable to comprehend the environmental message in campaigns. For instance, foreigners who come to Dragonhead to labor as construction workers might be illiterate.

When the government identifies such a group, it is important to make them environmentally aware by communicating effectively in a way that they can comprehend, such as using diagrams instead of words to drive idea across. The cane being unable to support the man in staying upright signifies that the current punitive efforts are inadequate in stopping the people from littering. Despite the increase of fines to $1000, it might still be insufficient; we need to consider the percentage of fine to average household income. Assuming a low percentage, the increased fine is insufficient to serve as a deterrent.

To create the effect of deterrence, government should further increase the fine to an amount that is substantial with respect to the average income of the population. The demon and angel back to back suggests that in order to turn over a new leaf, one has to die to their old ways and start anew. Similarly, as fines are used to punish offenders for littering, corrective work order can help them start anew. It will allow them to witness first-hand the consequences of their irresponsibility and effort required to correct them. These two measures working hand-in-hand will increase the efficacy of the overpayment’s effort.

The crocodile heading back to sea after the man turns his attention from it signifies people are reverting to their old ways due to poor enforcement. Having to Juggle the monitoring of so many waterways, the probability penalty. This suggests that there is a lack of law enforcers to keep an eye on everyone. The government should increase the number of law enforcers. This will increase the probability of polluters being caught and hence, discourage them from polluting. The goose and peacock struggling in the water alongside other animals when they loud be flying to safety symbolizes individuals who litter Just because everyone has done so.

This is perhaps the case whereby one concedes to the convenience of littering because the place is already polluted to begin with. To solve this, the government should upkeep the cleanliness of the waterways by increasing the frequency of scheduled clean-ups. Also, an alternative measure would be to strategically place more dustbins near areas that are badly polluted. The nonchalant cow on the shore remains oblivious that he is preventing the other animals from owing onto shore with his lack of urgency.

Similarly, the people in Dragonhead are possibly self-centered and do not care how littering can affect the others, for example, creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The reception of guidance by the angel begins at the infant stage. Similarly, environmental education should begin as early as possible. It is easier to inculcate good habits in young children than to correct bad ones. Parent’s, being the most influential in their children’s early life, should bear the responsibility of educating them while young.

Then, there should be a shift of responsibility from the parent to the government as the children mature into young adults. The maturing children suspended in the air unaffected by what is happening on the ground symbolism a privileged and sheltered upbringing process. The extended period of peace in Dragonhead has led to the younger population taking things for granted. The government can approach this issue by creating environmental awareness through having compulsory Community Involvement Program in the curriculum.

For example, schools can bring students on excursion to polluted sites and making them participate in the clearing of pollutants. This move towards experiential learning might also help enlighten the self-centered people into realizing the harm they are causing. The man being aware yet indifferent to the animals in calamity shows a bystander effect that is similar to people condoning the act of littering and not making a stand. By not letting their neighbors know that littering is wrong, many citizens have indirectly endorsed littering.

In order to increase social pressure against littering, the government should aim to create a community that is civic-conscious through education packages that stress on the individual role in a community rather than simply the effects of pollution. The dark area in the infinity signs represents a void in the understanding of what causes pollution. People often do not establish the link of how their littering behavior will affect the waterways, I. E. Littering on land can too lead to water pollution. Therefore the government can put up signs near waterways to educate the public about this. (995 words)

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