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The list includes “determine eligibility, required registrations, past performance, identify the appropriate GSA schedule, download the corresponding solicitation, prepare a proposal, proposal review, GSA contract negotiation, final proposal revision, and GSA contract award” (Getting on the Schedule). According to Strawberry (2012), once all information for the solicitation has been completed, “be prepared to offer a competitive price” (p. 108). Replies to Schedules solicitations have to be submitted electronically at offer/mood. Offer/mood offers a “secure, interactive environ meet that simplifies the entire solicitation process for contractors and prospective contractors from other submission to contract edification” (Responding to a Solicitation). The offer/mood website is user-friendly and guides businesses through the offer and submission processes, authenticating user identities and keeping proprietary information confidential. The biggest advantage to using the electronic submission process over classic paper solicitations is that it saves time and money.

It saves time and money because there is no need to use the postal service, fax machines, or overnight delivery services such as UPS or Feeds to deliver documents amended during negotiation. Therefore, it eliminates the usability of the documents getting lost in the mail, not being received via fax, or not making it to the desired location in time. In addition, electronic submission improves government effectiveness and efficiency and speeds up contract awards. There are a few advantages that will increase the chances of Brown Model Airplanes, Inc. Having its bid accepted over a larger corporation such as Boeing.

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Boeing is a major service provider to NASA and they are the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined” (Boeing. N. D. ). Brown Model Airplanes, Inc. Produces very small remote intro aircrafts capable of long sustained flights. Although Boeing is a much larger corporation, I believe Brown Model Airplanes, Inc. Has just as much Of a chance of having our bid accepted. According to Johns (n. D. ), “the federal government spends more than $500 billion a year in contracts” and “the number of contracts going to small businesses has steadily risen in the last type years. Those numbers have not increased because of luck. President Obama made small business contracting a main concern and signed the Small Business Jobs Act to increase small businesses’ access to contracting opportunities. The first way to increase the chances of having a bid accepted is to get a counselor. Johns (n. D. ) states, “these professionals are standing by to help you get in the contracting game, and most of their services are free. ” Since Brown Model Airplanes, Inc. Is still in the beginning stages, being able to use a service that will help and is free, Brown Model Airplanes, Inc. Old have nothing to lose by speaking to one of the professionals. The second way to increase the chances of winning a bid is to get certified. According to Johns (n. D. , “a number of certification programs can increase your chances of winning a contract. ” The certification programs Johns is referring are programs such as the service-disabled veteran-owned business program. There are several other programs small business owners can qualify for; however, this is one that I would qualify for. The third way to increase the chances of winning a bid is to be targeted.

Successful contractors have and want to promote a specific product or service. Johns (n. D. ) states “decide what you have to offer and target your efforts at the federal agencies that need it most. Another way to increase the chances of having a bid accepted is to market the business is to market the business. Johns (n. D. ) says to “get your foot in the door by attending matchmaking events with agency contracting officers, or by reaching out to agencies’ Offices of Small and Disadvantage Business Utilization (Exodus). ” The fifth and final way to increase the chances of winning a bid is to identify contracting activities.

A small business owner cannot just sit and wait for a contract, they have to be proactive. According to Johns (n. D. ), “stay in close contact with the agency’s OSGOOD and interacting officers you have met, and visit the Federal Business Opportunities website, which has a list of all contracts available for bid. ” In addition, a small business can also increase the chances Of having a bid accepted by identifying their advantages and strong points, and leverage them. According to Enormousness. Com (2008), “the quality is usually superior compared to that in the big corporations. The prices may be a little more than that of a larger corporation, however the quality is what people look for in a product or service. Other advantages that a small business might have ever a larger corporation are superior customer service and friendly approach. My bid has been accepted and my contract will be awarded. According to Strawberry (2012), “the contract is usually awarded in one of three ways; (1 ) by sending the successful offer a copy of the award contract, (2) by notifying the successful offer by phone with written confirmation, or (3) by notifying the successful offer by letter” (p. 83). Once I have the contract in hand, I’ll need to take the necessary steps if it needs to be negotiated. According to Lynch (n. D. ), The focus of the negotiations should be to reach an agreement on the Terms of Reference of the assignment, with minor modifications if necessary and price negotiations should be kept to a minimum and should only take place if the financial offer is considered unreasonable based on documentary and/or historical evidence. My first step would be to read the contract thoroughly so that understand everything and that I know what should and should not negotiate.

I consider myself to be a collaborator. Will not give in too easily, however will also not compromise on something I strongly believe in. As for he type of negotiator, like to use contentious strategies to influence and apply pressure to negotiate. I will not accept any allowable offers and will not expect highball offers either. When I have my negotiation thoughts in order, then I will go back to GSA with it and hope we can come to an agreement and meet in the middle. When contracting with the government, it is important to ensure the best value pricing for government buyers.

In addition, it is best to offer pricing comparable or better than what is given to our most favored non-government customers. Since Brown Model Airplanes, Inc. S a small business, receiving an award from the government is quite an achievement so we need to make certain that we do everything in our power to not just keep them, button also stay in good faith with them so that we will have a good chance having another bid accepted by GSA. According to Lewis (201 3), “it is imperative that companies cooperate with GSA in offering their best prices for GSA schedule contracts.

If GSA has reason to believe that a contractor is not offering the best price, they may audit the company which can have serious legal and financial ramifications. ” Brown Model Airplanes, Inc. ‘s first contract award with GSA so it would be in our best interest to offer lower than normal pricing to avoid being audited. Additionally, offering further reductions to GSA would most likely increase our chances of winning future bids. There are advantages and disadvantages of being a small company over being a larger firm in terms of contract administration and management.

Having good contract adman castration ensures that the end users are satisfied with the product or service being obtained under the contract. According to Acquisition Central (1 994), “one way to accomplish customer satisfaction is to obtain input directly from the customers through the use of customer satisfaction surveys which will help to improve communications between the procurement, program, and contractor personnel. ” If a small company such as Brown Model Airplanes, Inc. As poor contract management, it could result in fines and penalties, poor company activity, and it could also cause each side of an agreement to lose tract of the contract term. A larger company, such as Boeing, may lose sight of the contract term because they are so busy with their employees and day to day asks. Another advantage is open flow of communication and to take necessary actions for correcting and improving. Although a larger company may have open communication, they may not be able to discuss problems before they are detected through routine inspection.

There are several different marketing methods that can be used to market the federal government. However, there are three that would be most effective for me to use to market my products to the U. S. Government. The first method that would be most effective for me is to use Bedposts (also known as FOB). According to Strawberry (2012), “contractors looking to do business with the government are able to search, monitor, and retrieve opportunities solicited by the entire federal contracting community’ (p. 123). FOB adds new notices every single day so there are opportunities for everyone.

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