Reducing Air and Water Pollution Assignment

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Reducing Air and Water Pollution Reducing air and water pollution is always a challenge. Even in a smaller city like Enterprise, Alabama. So many things seem out of our control; however if everyone was to do their part, even if it’s just a small change, it can make a big difference. So many luxuries we have in our lives we take for granted, and so many pollutants we put into the atmosphere and our ground water without thought. I want to show that in a small town like Enterprise that does not seem to have much pollution the small things that people do can make a big difference in the overall pollution in our country.

I feel that this will be the best way for Enterprise to help the environment, and reduce air and water pollution. Air pollution is a rising concern in our country. The CO2 emissions are growing every year. There are some small things that can be done around our homes that can help. For instance according to the American Institute of Physics “In 1973 ??? refrigerators used 20% of the energy used in a residence” (Rosenfeld A. , Kaarsberg T. , Romm J. 2001). Due to more stringent regulations and better insulation this percentage has dropped drastically.

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The American Institute of Physics states that “200 billion kw/h less per year saving in 2001 compared to 1973, a $16 billion dollar per year savings” (Rosenfeld A. , Kaarsberg T. , Romm J. 2001). That is an amazing savings. It would seem to me that if everyone made sure that had a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc. that met today’s energy guidelines that we could make a big difference in the amount of fossil fuels that are burned to create this electricity. So send the old refrigerator to the recycler’s and get a newer one.

One thing that the city of enterprise could do to help people to accomplish this is to give a possible electric bill credit for updating all of you kitchen appliances from the old electricity guzzlers of yester year. Lighting in the home is also another way to reduce your electric costs, and therefore slow down the usage of CO2 emitting fuels. There are small ways and big ways to make a difference. Start by changing all you light bulbs to the florescent bulbs that use much less electricity than the regular ones we buy.

They are a little more expensive, but in the long run they pay for themselves. Cities could also help people make the switch to these energy efficient bulbs by buying them in bulk and offering them to their customers at reduced prices. If someone wanted to do even more they could install an advanced lighting system, this is more expensive but it also draws energy from the sun using tracking sunlight concentrators. (American Institute of physics, 2001). According to the American Institute of physics “Transportation accounts for about one-quarter of the total U.

S. primary energy consumption and one-third of carbon emissions” (Rosenfeld A. , Kaarsberg T. , Romm J. 2001). That is an amazing amount. There is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done in this area; however some of the best ways for the consumer to help is to conserve. Start buy getting rid of that gas guzzler you are driving everyday. Carpool if it is possible, this automatically cuts your emissions getting to and from work in half. Another option is to ride your bicycle to work if you work near where you live.

This cuts down on emissions and will also help your heath in general. These are all small things that can be done by each individual to help reduce air pollution and help our environment. The water pollution in Enterprise seems to be very minimal. The extension of the sewer system seems to be the best way to stop the pollution to the ground water caused by excess sewer run-off. Individuals can also reduce ground water pollution by not disposing of household chemicals, oil, gas, etc. , on their property. This will stop these pollutants from being carried into the water supply.

The air and water pollution in Enterprise, Alabama and Metropolis, Illinois seem to come for the most part from completely different sources, although some are the same. The main thing that we can do for our communities is conserve as much as we can ourselves and know what is going on with the factories and businesses in our areas and make sure that our voices are heard. References Rosenfeld A. , Kaarsberg T. , Romm J. , 2001, Technologies to Reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions in the next decade, retrieved June 11, 2006 from the American Institute of Physics web site: http://www. aip. org/pt/vol-53/iss-11/p29. html#bio

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