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Not only are the work teams more diverse, but also with a global market, so are businesses’ clients. Diversity, generally means differences, any difference that you can conceive: height, weight, eye color, right handed vs.. Left handed, gender, physical ability, age, ethnicity, and on a deeper level: parental status, sexual orientation, beliefs, values, work style, etc. * Source: The textbook and from an article by Kathleen Holmes Instructions: 1 . This assignment requires you to prepare a written team report (content details required are noted below). Team composed of regular groups that have formed for this class. 3. Prepare a word-processed file of no more than 8 pages, 1. 5 spaces with a font size of 12. 4. Please attach a cover page that MUST include assignment title, group names & ID, course #, my name & submission date. 5. PAP Format – Pages MUST be properly electronically numbered, mentioning sections 6. Create a Table of Contents in a proper word format in a page. 7. Please submit an electronic copy of your assignment on dropped by November 28th 2014. Late papers will be penalized 10% per day. The paper must be authored by the HARM 301 students to be graded. 9. To assist you in preparing your paper please review Chapter 2 in your text, as well as the supporting chapter’s Powering slides. You are also encouraged to visit the Ontario Human Rights website at http://www. Roach. On. Ca and/or The Ontario Ministry of Labor website at: http://www. Labor. Gob. On. Ca/English/for assistance too. 10. You must conduct secondary research and cite a minimum of 3 different sources utilizing standard PAP format for all aspects of your report (title page, age numbering, in text citations, references, etc. . All sources of information must be credited, whether a direct quote or not. You can see the Centennial library for PAP style guide references online at http://library. Counterintelligence . Ca/library/researchable/epistyle/ . HARM 301 – ICE Assignment: Diversity Management – Group Research & Report Writing Situation/Tasks: Indies Software is a company that has employees who are of different age groups (traditionalists, baby boomers, Gene X and Y) and ethnicity.

Recent new hires have added to the diversity of the company, some of them have different sexual orientations and parental status compared to the employees already working within the company. The first few days has seen some awkwardness among the employees and management feels that having all employees attend a presentation on diversity and interact in an activity will help create harmony. As part of the HRS team, you have been asked to prepare a presentation and an activity designed to: integrate all employees in a multicultural workforce use diversity to enhance the organization’s effectiveness Team Report: (40 marks) (15%)

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Conduct research on existing/new ‘Diversity Management’ programs or initiatives so that your team can develop a solid understanding of how best to prepare your report. Each team is to prepare a 7-8 pages report based on their findings. Your report should include: 1. Cover page -Title page (1 mark) 2. Table of Contents (1 mark) 3. An Introduction (1 mark) 4. Provide some background information on diversity management (5 marks) 5. Identify 3 specific best practices (programs/initiatives) that are currently being used in business today (12 marks) 6.

Draw a conclusion by outlining and describing a specific activity that can be utilized in a workplace to promote the acceptance of people who are different. (12 marks) 7. Use the following questions as a guideline to design the activity. – Consider the perspective of the existing employees at Indies – how would they feel? – Consider the perspective of the new hires to Indies – how would they feel? – Consider your own perspective – are there positions, orientations, values or traditions that you hold that may influence your own approach to this task?

Consider the ways in which one can re-examine him/herself to become integrative in a diverse workplace? – Consider – how has completing this assignment changed you? Identify three unique references using standard PAP format (3 marks) Report style/format (5 marks) i. Your report should be free of spelling/grammatical errors; ii. In a form acceptable for business and professional purposes. Presentation: (10 marks) (5%) Use up to 7 minutes of classroom time in week 12/13 to take the class through part of your activity, or the entire thing.

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