Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assignment

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This is when the person has been diagnosed with a mental illness and a substance problem and wants to further his treatment. The targeted population is men who are 18 years and older with a mental health and substance abuse problem. The agency is designed to help the client maintain a drug-free lifestyle, enhance the client level of functioning, and provide structure in a supportive environment. When the person who is seeking treatment comes to the residential side, an intake is performed and other forms are signed, which include the release of information, consent for release, and visitation forms.

During this time, staff explain the rules and regulations of the facility, and the patient signs the forms, which are scanned into the participant’s chart. The participant is given a handbook that explains the philosophy and treatment services of the Touchstone Dual Diagnosis Residential program. The handbook also gives a description of the different activities that are scheduled for each day of the week. There are morning community meetings, which each resident is expected to attend, where staff will re-emphasize the house rules and discuss questions.

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There are outside activities where the residents are not allowed to be outside of the building without staff present. My duties and responsibilities include monitoring the residents and knowing where each resident is located at all times, checking the resident’s room to be sure the room is clean, dispense medications to clients and allow the clients to self-administer medications. Have to make sure the residents are in their assigned in-house meetings or groups throughout the day. Eave to drive the van and take the residents to outside Alcoholics Anonymous (AAA), and Narcotics Anonymous (AN) 12-step meetings five days a week. I must be ailing to take the residents into the community and interact with the general population. I must conduct recreational skills, by taking the clients to the park for outside activities, as well as be able to handle the residents in time of a crisis. At the end of the day must notate the clients progress, lack of progress, and note any significant behavior changes, by documenting what happened throughout the day.

The facility provides staff support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Functionalism The functionalist approach is concerned with structure and focuses on how society works together to promote stability and unity. For example, on my job there are people from different backgrounds that may be forced by court orders, probation officers, or by a family member to help get their lives back on track. The agency is designed to help put structure and teach the person to live in society without the use of drugs.

Diversity in a workplace provides an understanding of the values and beliefs of others and with cultural differences there are a number of differences that effect how we think, act, and communicate. Although, dealing with a racial diversity of people comes with many challenges because many people of society have their own values ND beliefs that define what appropriate behavior is in a society. From a functionalist perspective view it is not normal for a person to abuse drugs, because society depends on the institution of the family to instill the social culture into their children, which shapes the society as a whole.

People who abuse drugs come from many different backgrounds and may be influenced by a specific attitude and behavior within a group of people. There may be people who abuse drugs that steal to support their habit and it is not moral etc break-in and rob someone and take something that do not belong to the arson, because according to society that person has broken the law and there are consequences for breaking the rules or laws in society. Such acts would be considered creating disorder and instability in society.

There are many people in society who may use drugs and become addicted and are stigmatize by society because oftener deviant behavior. Therefore, society WOUld be concern and see it as not compliant with the norms Of society. A functionalist sees gender roles as important to society for example, in most societies men are the bread winners, men are there to protect, and provide for the family. Symbolic Interaction The term symbolic interaction refers to ‘the peculiar and distinctive character of interaction as it takes place between human beings” (Abraham, 1982, p. 10). Symbolic interaction focus on how society sees the individual and how social relationships are formed. From my job experience can see some behavior patterns how men who enter treatment have lost their roles and structure in life. Even though, many people in society may believe they can use drugs and not become addicted may find that participating in using drugs have cause them to create problems in life. Some problems can be not Ewing responsible for self and their family, by allowing other people to influence their behavior.

Most of the time people who hang around other people who are engaged in wrong doing have the tendency to get involved with what that group of people are doing. Using drugs can affect the person thinking, behavior, and the ability to make a right decision. When some people use drugs and become addicted to drugs this causes them to steal in order to support their habit. Many people who are in treatment for drugs have deviated from their sense of norms and values in life and have realized that a drug has altered their behavior.

My observation on my job allow me to see the person when they enter treatment and to see what their physical and mental appearance are. The person physical appearance is different as far as facial looks and the person mental capacity as far as depression, confusion, and anxiety is decreased throughout the person stay. The person is more coherent. The person is able to talk about what their life was like before using drugs and some can see a different picture of reality in a sense of their behavior and what the person had to do to get the drugs. Many of the clients can see the loss of control after using over a period of time.

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