Geography Assignment

Geography Assignment Words: 338

Assignment I-IA: Physiographic Regions of Canada Picture ID Assignment Instructions For each picture below, identify the physical region where you feel the image was likely taken. The options are: the North, Great Lakes Lowlands, Cordillera and Interior Plains Give at least one reasons for each answer! Image one Image two Image three Image four Assignment 1-1 B: Applying the 5 Major Themes Assignment Instructions Pick one Canadian city of your choosing, other than Surrey, B.

C. , and describe that city using the five major themes of geography. Try to pick a fairly major city that will eve significant detail on Its website. For resources, you should consider using: – that city’s official web page, – tourism web sites, – Natural Resources Canada mapping system , – Google earth to look at topography, modification of landscape, borders, distances etc. – other internet resources, – atlas.

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You should cover: – Location: absolute location using latitude and longitude and a relative location (3 marks) – Nature of place: FOUR unique physical, economic, environmental or social/ three specific ways that humans in the city have depended upon, adapted to or modified the environment. 3 marks) – Movement: list three specific ways humans living in the city interact with the rest of the world in terms of movement of goods, services, people and information (3 marks) – Regions: list three specific regions the city is part of. 3 marks) – References: list the references you used for this assignment (2 marks) – Summary: describe several facts you found interesting or surprising about your city while doing this assignment

What changes have occurred since 1982? What factors may have caused this (social, economical, cultural). (4 marks) Part 2 – North American Lights Look at the picture of North America at night. A)What patterns do you see in the picture? List at least 2 (2 marks) B)What factors may have caused the patterns you listed in A? (2 marks) C)Why are these patterns significant? What do they mean culturally, physically or economically? (2 marks)

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