Force Field Analysis Assignment

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Individual Project Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines Kessa Barnes American Intercontinental University Abstract In this assignment I had create a force field analysis to address the leadership team’s concerns about what else it should be doing and to what it has not yet paid enough attention. HELPING FORCES HINDERING FORCES Team leadership developmental training is an item that is needed to be addressed

Leadership Team Effectiveness That one team member that is always negative about any changes or suggestions that will improve the company The Ability to recognize a person that is a good candidate for a team leader Procrastination among the management team and the team leaders on a project Understanding and applying the company goals to reduce wasted effort. Team leaders not taking responsibility for their actions. Focus on the important things for the company versus the none important things.

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Team members who do not want to listen and take the employees opinion or suggestions into consideration Prioritize project goals and how to meet the project deadlines Team members are not provided the skills and the necessary resources for their Job Communication between the management team and the employees in order for the company to function smoothly A team member or employees of the company not given the adequate amount of support they need to do a good and effective Job.

It is helpful for the management eam to demonstrate the company goals and the company morals so the employees will have an example of how they should conduct themselves. A project assigned to the team but the goal and the purpose of the project has not been explained When the team has any issues make a list and address the issues immediately. The management cannot bring the team together as one due to bad communication and bad motivational skills. Reference Patanakul, P. , & Shenhar, A. J. (2012). What project strategy really is: The fundamental

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