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Field Assignment David Soloman, a very intelligent and respected young man, attended court for reasons in which he can never imagine. Murder was a charge involved in his case, yet he still couldn’t come to think that it ever happened. His family, including his grandparents were, all killed in a home invasion in which the suspects took all the valuable belongings. Upon coming home from school, he noticed loud cries for help coming from his home.

He entered his house and was immediately struck on the held ith and unknown object causing him to fall and come in and out of consciousness. He later woke up to see his whole family murdered in cold blood. That’s not even the sad part. As weeks went by he would here from people he knew that he possibly could know who and where the people that committed this crime can be. He was warned that he should take matters in to his own hands, yet he believe that he should be the one to avenge his family. Local authorities urged that he let them sort things out in a lawful manner.

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However, Soloman didn’t believe in true Justice anymore and went about with what he thought needed to be done. The investigators of crimes such as this one make extreme crimes like these very difficult to get away from. By this I mean that the culprits will have a very hard time getting away from the law. The investigative aspect of this case proved to be a great presence because not only were they able to catch Solomon from doing the unthinkable and ruining his life, but also were also able to figure out each and every suspect and the exact locations.

Handguns, blood, and even DNA left on the lifeless body of his mother, whom was raped, were some of the crucial pieces of evidence that were brought to the court room. The home was closed of during the duration of the evidence mainly being because the condition that it was left in made it nearly unlivable for a student. Another very important piece of the evidence portion was one of the suspects whom gave the names of everyone involved to mainly receive a lighter sentence but to my urprise keep a clean conscience.

He gave everything from where they planned the crime to even where they purchased their arsenal of weapons making the Job for the investigators a lot easier because he was confirming and correcting everything they had already found. It didn’t look so good for the defense because all they had to actually defend themselves with was the death of one of the suspects in the home during the invasion, which they claimed his murder to be in self-defense.

Solomon idn’t get true Justice in my eyes mainly because they given sentences straining from twenty-five and seventy-five to life. These sentences were all a combination of burglary, home invasion, rape, murder, and a few other charges I wasn’t able to take note of. The case was cut short because the Defense asked for a continuance and was unable to attend the sentencing as well, but was given the details later. Compton Superior Court Solomon, David Murder, Rape, etc. 9:00 a. m. -12:00 p. m.

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