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Hypothesis Prediction Experiment Analysis Theory This is how you will be taught, how your textbooks will read, and how you will ultimately construct arguments and others. Example: DNA ; Question: DNA known to be made up of four nucleotides. How is information stored in it? ; Hypothesized: Watson and Crick suggested DNA could be helical in structure ; Experiment: Roseland Franklin measured diffraction of DNA ; Theory: Watson saw Franklins results, knew it was from a helical structure, and he and Crick modeled DNA as a double helix “Inverted pyramid” of Journalism Most newsworthy info

We should still probably work to phase out the additive in the next few years. ” says… “Great, let’s increase the additive to a 10% level to improve performance and stay Just below the warning level. ” Concluding thoughts Science is about objective, rational, skepticism. Use your expertise to construct the missing parts of a story and then re-examine it to see how your perspective has changed. The value of your knowledge at work is often your ability to see something others miss, to develop a new approach, or to clarify. Everything you read or hear should be considered and evaluated.

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Ask good questions of others’ work, but also of your own. Always try to understand the motivations of others, whether it be newspaper writers, industry technologists, or businesspeople you encounter. Note on individual assignment The above discussion is intended to help you become a more balanced consumer of information. An increased skepticism is good. Assessment can be good or bad, strive to improve Don’t become obsessed. Your assignment asks you to consider and evaluate a media topic. You are not required to find fault. There may not be a problem…

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